Paradigms to Live By — Waking up from the Dream of Reality
20 Nov 2011

History reminds us that what is scientific truth today probably won't be tomorrow, and yet as a society we adopt meaningless science as our main social paradigm because it is 'true', regardless of the destructive consequences of those beliefs. … more →

Skeptics & Debunkers — Michael Shermer Preaching to the TED Converted
17 Jul 2011

Skepticism is just another form of religious fanaticism — a rejection of anything that threatens established orthodox belief systems. Skeptics are individuals intolerant of new perspectives, and therefore enemies of progress and discovery. … more →

Ten Years on from 9/11: How our knee-jerk derision of conspiracy theory invites government abuse
10 Jun 2011

Dismissing alternative theories on the events of 9/11 as conspiracy theory not only excuses the real perpetrators, but gives the green light to government to continue its abuse of the people. It is time we collectively faced the facts. … more →

Free Will Reality Modification vs Letting Everything Be As It Is
21 May 2011

Outdated Newtonian worldviews are responsible for the seeming contradictions and irreconcilable differences between non-duality spirituality and free will reality manifestation. Update our worldview and these conflicts disappear. … more →

The Story of I: Understanding the Conceptual Self
06 Feb 2011

Authentic spiritual awakening has nothing to do with gods, spirits, prayers, holy books, mystical experiences and enlightened masters. It is based entirely around the self and the stories that we tell about ourselves — the Story of I. … more →

The End of Conspiracy: Looking beyond outdated perspectives
24 Jan 2011

Conspiracies are behind many of the disasters that that have beset humanity through the ages. But as humanity lets go of outdated perspectives and embraces unity consciousness, we are now witnessing the end of conspiracy. … more →

How to Defend Yourself Against a Scientist — The Art of Mental Kung Fu
20 Aug 2010

Are you tired of having your experiences and spiritual beliefs dismissed by those more scientifically-minded? Are scientists attacking you for being "unscientific" and illogical? It is time to learn some mental Kung Fu. … more →

From Creating Our Reality to Authentic Spiritual Awakening
28 Nov 2009

Creating our own reality is a central focus for most of those in the New Age and New Consciousness movement. But as long as we are manipulating reality, we can never experience authentic spiritual awakening. … more →

Spiritual Marketing Techniques
22 Oct 2009

An examination of methods used to market spiritual teachers and teachings. Whether you are an authentic spiritual teacher or just playing the guru-game, there is good money to be made in active spiritual marketing. … more →

Embracing Confusion's Alchemy: Rejecting the Seduction of Pseudo-Understanding
Apr 2009

When we force rationality onto highly strange experiences, we lose the opportunity for the dissonance of our confusion to challenge our paradigms and work its alchemy in freeing us to greater possibility. … more →

Spirituality vs Ecology: The Myth of Spiritual Ecology
Jan 2009

Spirituality and ecology are often viewed as different facets of the same modern spiritual belief. However, digging deeper we find that they are in fact mutually exclusive and that the very term spiritual ecology is oxymoronic. … more →

Review of Val Valerian's Matrix V (M5) Books
May 2008

Val Valerian's Matrix 5 books ( were inspired by his experiences at The Monroe Institute and present themselves as the ultimate manuals for spiritual development. But all is not what it seems. … more →

Spiritual Philosophy vs Spiritual Practice
Apr 2008

Those interested in spiritual development need to become aware of the distinction between spiritual philosophies and spiritual practices so that they can reach conscious unity. … more →

Kishori Aird's Guide to DNA Reprogramming and Reactivation
Mar 2008

A review of Kishori Aird's books DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice which describe her protocols for reprogramming our DNA. … more →

Spirituality in a Nutshell
Oct 2007

Confused by the plethora of spiritual paths and teachers that represent modern spirituality? You should be, and what is more, most will lead you away from authentic spirituality. … more →

The Emperor's New Clothes: David Hawkin's Absolute Calibration of Truth
Nov 2007

David Hawkins is a controversial spiritual teacher who claims that consciousness/truth can be objectively calibrated by the muscle test. This is an in-depth investigation into this claim. … more →

Finding the Kind Heart
Aug 2007

Finding the kind heart forms the foundation of spirituality and is a journey that must include both the path of love and the path of power for it to be effective and balanced. … more →

Scientific Justifications for New Age Philosophies
Aug 2007

As long as we try to justify or explain our spiritual experiences with scientific philosophies we only bury ourselves deeper in ignorance by clutching to the illusion of understanding. … more →

The Process of Becoming Conscious
May 2007

Spirituality is now such a medley of different ideas and beliefs that it can be difficult knowing what spiritual growth is and how to best achieve it. This article explores its essence. … more →

Quacks, Quackbusters and the Myth of Certainty
Jan 2007

Quacks and quackbusters may have disparate beliefs but both share the same blind certainty in their own truth. AP examines the the limits of science and the myth of certainty. … more →

An Interview with Gregory Sams
Nov 2006

Gregory Sams is a pioneering writer, inventor, free thinker, counter-culture icon and genuine human being. We recently caught up with him in London. … more →

Realizing Spiritual Enlightenment - A Rough Guide
Oct 2006

Countless teachers, gurus and books offer the secrets to spiritual enlightenment. But few can get you there and even most of these will not understand the multiplicity of enlightenment. … more →

The Religion of the Reality Makers
Aug 2006

Popularized by films such as What The Bleep and The Secret, changing your reality by changing your thoughts has never been so much in vogue, or so needed to be examined. … more →

Crazy Wisdom and New Age Narcissism
Jun 2006

A ramble through the world of crazy wisdom, New Age narcissim, spiritual teachers, psychological & physical abuse, our collective shadow and malignant self-love. … more →

Software for a New World - First Draft
Apr 2006

Imagine an accumulative database of knowlege, a bit like Wikipedia, available for download and that covers every aspect of ecologically-sound, life-promoting and democratic communities. … more →

The False Guru Test
Apr 2006

The Falst Guru test seems to have struck a cord here in the West because of the outrageous abuses and exploitation by gurus, many self-proclaimed and completely misguided. … more →

Mindless Alternatives
Jul 2005

Just because a system is alternative does not automatically give it credibility or equivalence to established orthodoxies — most alternatives out there are pretty mindless. … more →

Hijacking Natural Enlightenment
Mar 2005

The Journey™ is a modified NLP technique hijacked by Brandon Bays to sell as a New Age panacea. … more →

Dowsing for God: A Critique of Power vs Force
Feb 2005

With the recent popularity of books like Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins, it is timely to examine dowsing and the objectivism being claimed for it. … more →

The Quantum Reality Map
Dec 2004

With the recent release of the film "What The Bleep Do We Know?", quantum theory is once again in the public imagination. Here is a short rundown of the philosophical implications of the quantum reality map. … more →

Reality Maps and Fundamentalism
Nov 2004

For many in the West, the fanatical Moslem is the face of fundamentalism. But examine fundamentalism more deeply and we find it rife in our society too… and more dangerous. Here is how to reduce it. … more →

An Interview with Joe Bageant

You have probably read one of Bageant's articles, but who exactly is Joe Bageant? We interview him on his life, his work and his newly found internet cult status. … more →

The True Spiritual Path
Aug 2004

In the profusion of today's spiritual teachers and teachings, it is easy to forget the true spiritual path. … more →

Telling the Truth
Jun 2004

How often do we tell the truth, about who we are, what we are feeling, what we are thinking? If truth be told, hardly at all. The rewards for telling the truth, however, can be both unexpected and profound. … more →

Mind Medicine: Challenging the Medical Model
Mar 2004

So you have a serious illness. Perhaps you may even be facing your own demise. At times like this, it is essential that you not necessarily reject but challenge the medical model, and perhaps embrace "mind medicine". … more →

What Happened to Gregg Braden?
Mar 2004

The reaction of a former Gregg Braden fan to a lecture he gave at London's Alternatives on the 29th March 2004 promoting his latest book, The God Code. … more →

Manipulation of The People
Sep 2003

Despite living in "the free world", there are very few free men and women walking around in our democracies. This is because we are all being manipulated in some way to do the bidding of others. … more →

Felicity's World

An interview with a woman who is has decided to take responsibiliy for the reality that she is creates and the world she experiences. … more →

Stay Where You Are: Finding True Spirituality
Jan 2003

It has become fashionable in the West to regard Eastern spirituality as the true path. But by rejecting our own spiritual heritage, we work against our natural psychological and perhaps spiritual makeup. … more →

The Money Game
Jan 2003

Few understand the money game because generally we so focused within its constraints and on our own financial affairs that we do not see it for what it is — a game played by the elite to own and control the world. … more →

The Limits of Skepticism
Dec 2002

A brief look at the limits of skepticism in a modern world of alternative remedies, spiritual growth and psychic phenomena. … more →

Enlightenment: The Guru's Trap
Nov 2002

Any teacher who declares his or her enlightenment, using it to attract a following, is greatly harmful to spiritual progress. … more →

Racism Revisited
Sep 2002

Racism has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in history. But will we ever be able to stamp it out by the denial that racial difference may be more than skin-deep? … more →

Two Evenings with John de Ruiter
Jun 2002

John de Ruiter gives the best impersonation of enlightenment this side of Galili. But all is not what it seems… … more →

A Response to "The Myths of Vegetarianism"
Jun 2002

Stephen Byrnes wrote The Myths of Vegetarianism in the Townsend Letter in which he smugly rubbishes vegetarianism. This is a vegetarian's reponse to that article. … more →

New Age Garbage
Apr 2002

99% of the New Age is just "old age" thinking dressed up with a new and expanded vocabulary. At its core, New Ageism is just as limiting to true spiritual growth, which can only be found by facing reality in the raw. … more →

Psychological Ecology: Walking the Rice Paper
Apr 2002

If we want to save this planet, we need to learn to live with minimum physical impact. But minimum physical impact can only come from practicing minimum psychological impact in every aspect of our lives. … more →

Spiritual Activism—an Oxymoron?
Mar 2002

Spirituality is often seen as an avoidance of reality, a hinderance to change in society. After all, people in spiritual practice are usually focused inward and upward. Paradoxically it offers the only path to true global healing. … more →