2012 Solstice — Nothing Happened!
30 Dec 2012

HUMANS HAVE WAITED for this date for many thousands of years; and many of us have waited for it our whole lives. And yet, when that ending of one cycle and the start of a new one finally arrived, nothing happened. At least that is what I keep hearing from spiritual friends and friends of friends. Many feel a huge let down. But for me, everything did change on that day and the world is very different. If you didn't feel that change, then you are not connected to the foundation of reality — consciousness.

I find it sad that some event 'outside' in the 'objective' world needed to happen for change to be acknowledged. But if you are objectifying the world then you would have missed the most profound changes that took place in the dark quiet center of your consciousness. There was no bang… no massive fireworks or extraterrestrial landings… instead something far more powerful — a fundamental shift in consciousness, one that is rapidly percolating out to change the world from the inside out. All the most powerful and long-lasting changes are from the inside-out, so this start of a new cycle was no different. You and I are fundamentally different… but habits of thought prevent many of us from realizing this fact.

I spent the moment of the solstice at a holy place in South-West England — right in crop circle country. After days of continual rain, it was quite a surprise to have such a bright and beautiful sunny day, and everything seemed so welcoming for this special event. Where I sat meditating, there were not many people, because it was difficult to get to, but there were crowds of people at other relatively close locations. At the moment of 11.11am, I saw energy from the galactic center come into the Solar Grid and then onwards down through the portal I was sitting on, and down into the Earth Grid. The energy felt very feminine, and I felt privileged to witness its arrival. I am sure the same energy was entering the Earth Grid on many different points, and I could feel the heartbeat of the Earth that had grown increasingly weak over the past decades of Gaiacide, start to beat strongly again and with purpose.

Afterwards, I wandered on over the hill and down into the main site where hundreds of people had gathered. People were singing, dancing and celebrating the new beginning — joy-filled and jubilant. This day represented a new time, a new energy of being — the arrival of the Sixth Sun. This was the day that market the shift that so many of us have been waiting for.

I still feel that feminine energy streaming in, and I know the dark night of madness is over because the light is illuminating from the inside. Of course, the props of madness are still there in our society, like the tanks and battlements that remain after an army has fled. But the energy that drives the world's insanity has shifted, and from here onwards it is only habit that keeps us in the mire — habits that are intimately personal to us, making it the responsibility of each of us to ride the new waves rather than resisting them. If we don't, things will not be easy; but if we do… we are in the for the ride of our lives.

So I would like to classify this as the most profound "nothing happened" event in humanity's history, assuming that in times past our ancestors were much more sensitive to inner energetic transformations. And a big thank you to those who spontaneously connected with me on the 21st: may we all join our spirits to welcome in the new world.