This Site is Free from Google Analytics
Stop Enabling Big Brother

Google Analytics is an almost ubiquitous website traffice monitoring service that allows website owners to get to know their visitors. This might sound innocuous, but from the bigger picture, this type of tracking multiplied up across most of the internet gives Google the informational power to fundamentally change individuals and society, skewing the democratic process.

If you embed Google Analytics into your website, you are effectively allowing an intelligence organisation to spy on your visitors. This Google will do with impunity, tracking where they have come from, what sites and pages they have looked at and for now long, what scripts they have activated on those pages, and where they eventually go off to. This might seem innocuous, but build up enough data points on an individual, including web searches they make, places they visit and even emails they send/receive, and one can accurately profile them, mapping who they are, their beliefs and their likely behaviour.

Superficially, this information allows Google to target ads to those most likely to respond, which, coupled with Google’s near monopoly in online search, and you can understand how Google can generate around 200 billion dollars revenue a year in online advertising, a return that is ever increasing. But it is more insidious than that because Google is looking at a much more central role in society than “merely” being a hyper-successful commercial enterprise.

Even the most successful businesses have limited lifespans, especially in a world fast approaching a “Great Reset” initiated by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and “elite” bankers. These “elite” (in wealth only) wish to impose overt global totalitarian control to enslave humanity and eliminate the “useless eaters” under the guise of ecological agendas. To implement this enslavement of humanity, these “elite” need high-tech tracking companies like Google, just as the Nazis in the Second World War needed IBM to process inmates at their concentration camps. Tyranny is always well organised!

High-tech tracking companies like Google and Facebook know they must transform themselves into quasi-government intelligence services if they want to survive the Great Reset (Great Enslavement) and have a place at the “elite’s” high table. This is only natural when you are already monitoring the vast majority of digital communications, searches and activity.

The internet has become the virtual reality that most of us live our daily lives in. And as the reality we experience (virtual or real) affects who we are, what we believe and how we behave, the combination of holding accurate individual digital profiles and being a gatekeeper to virtual worlds allows for the control human beings. So we see that Google has its sights set on being far more than just a super-successful advertising platform.

You can be sure that in the New World Order currently being forced upon humanity, compliant tech companies like Google will become the new Gestapo or “Goostapo”, manipulating populations on an individually tailored level to accept loss of freedoms, unsavoury ideas and totalitarian control, and identifying the recalcitrants that need to be eliminated from society, in one way or another. These tech organisations are fast facilitating a Big Brother society, with Google the head of the demonic high-tech legion.

Online businesses today almost invariably use Google Analytics because they need intelligence gathering in the virtual world to know what is working and what is not when trying to reach online customers. Hungry mouths need feeding and mortgages/rents need paying, so it is understandable to use these tracking services to maximise profits. Commercial organisations have to sell their souls to the data devil because all their competitors are doing the same, and if you do not, you are running blind in a fast-changing market. In business’ minds, what they are doing is small-potatoes in the bigger picture. But multiply this up and you have a complete sell-out by the business world to the online controllers.

So this site rejects the digital Goostapo and does not use Google Analytics to spy on you. Of course it is easy taking the high ground when you are not a commercial site and do not actually care about visitor numbers. So it is fully understood that commercial enterprises are almost invariably “inadvertently” selling their souls and their visitors to the data devil, and we hope that at some point soon non-centralised and encrypted tracking services can be used that do not facilitate mass control.

This extends of course to other Google offerings. Remember, Google do nothing for free. If they have created something too good to be true, it most likely is. For example, take Google Fonts. Some of these really are great fonts, but why do you think Google went to the trouble of making them available for free? Because ever time those fonts are called, Google can track visitors. You can download the fonts and host them on your server, which is what this site does, and this means Google is not able to track the font use. So little things like this can make a big difference if you are trying to respect your visitors' privacy.

There are many other things that we can all do to scupper Google's Big Brother objective. Here are some of them:

  • Search Engines: Never ever use Google as a search engine. Not only are its results skewed, but it downright censors controversial topics by shadow banning or completely excluding them. (Shadow banning is where users and content are deprioritised in the system so it is not immediately obvious that they have been censored.) If you really like Google search results, use something like StartPage which serves Google results through a more private layer. DuckDuckGo is increasingly popular, although some question the quality of the search results. Remember, no single system is ideal or completely private, so you have to mix it up and do the best you can, although avoid Google itself like the plague.
  • Internet Browsers: Never use Chrome internet browsers which watches and reports everything you do. Always choose more secure alternatives like Brave, Firefox or Epic. (These are available for both laptops and mobiles.) Even Microsoft Edge and Safari and preferable to Chrome. Remember, secure browsers are often just locked-down versions of Chrome stripped of their spying capacity, so you will lose no functionality using alternatives, and are even likely to load faster. Also, it is important to change the search settings so that any internet searches from that browser are not performed directly with Google.
  • Extensions and Plugins: It is always a good idea to use extensions and plugins for your browsers that blocks non-essential tracking. Good choices include uBlock Origin, Crumbs, Privacy Badger and Ghostery. Be wary that extensions can break functionality if set too aggressively, so you need to play around to get the right balance. Also, installing extensions allows them to spy on your online activity, so maybe do not install them in privacy mode.
  • Operating Systems: Never use Chromebooks. If you use a Chromebook, you are basically a lab rat on a Google exercise wheel thinking your are running free. Don’t fall for that one!
  • Android Phones: If you are buying a new Android mobile, you might consider buying a pre-locked down handset. However, most will already have a mobile and contract, but there are numerous things you can do to switch off tracking. Easiest way is to following instructions online. Search for Android privacy.
  • IPhones: These are less customisable regarding switching off monitoring, but there are several things you can do to switch off tracking. Check online to find settings to change.
  • Email: How would you feel if there was some strange man looking over your shoulder taking notes as you typed emails or read them? Well, that is exactly what is happening when you use Gmail. Google read all your emails when you use Gmail and then “serve” you up adverts that reflect your online conversations. So of course the service is free to you… advertisers are paying Google to study you to find your weaknesses. Ditch Gmail and sign up to something more private. (Almost anything is more private than Gmail. And if you want something very secure, try ProtonMail or Tutanota.)
  • Web Software: Do not use Google Docs or any other Google service. Again, these free offerings are there to lure you in so that they can monitor you and your work. Yes, their systems will examine what you are working on.
  • Browsing Hygiene: Sites like YouTube can be really useful but are, unfortunately, owned by Google and therefore monitoring your every move and building up a profile of you based on the videos that you watch. So best to handle sites like Google and YouTube as dirty laundry, keeping them at arm’s length by using a restricted browser that you only visit certain sites with. That way, you keep Google at a distance. And you can set that browser up to delete all history between sessions, so no info builds up.

So as a general rule, if it is a free service owned by Google, give it a wide berth if you value your privacy and your freedom. Google is like that peeping tom gratifying himself as he looks through your window to see you naked. Give the pervert a miss. Even though Google started off as a service provider that helped build the internet, it has grown into something quite monstrous, something that has no place in a society that values freedom, privacy and democracy.

In the meantime, if you too would like to reject the digital Goostapo, please feel free to use one of the icons below on your website if you would like, and perhaps link it to text similar to this, so that people can understand that Google is NOT their friend but actually an enemy of humankind and will be the central control system in the totalitarian New World Order that evil people and organisations are currently desperate to install.