Get off Facebook, Google, Gmail, Twitter, Youtube and other Surveillance Sites
Stop Signing up to Mind-Control

The tech giants that offer free services are just tracking companies that profit from collecting and selling your data, and then using it back on you to modify your thinking and behaviour. Get off these sites now if you value your liberty.

You must be joking! Nobody should be on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram.

It's great to feel connected, chatting and sharing things with friends, family members and other like-minded individuals. Most of us want and need some connection, whether offline or online. And over the years companies like Facebook/Whatsapp, Google/Youtube, Instagram and Twitter have come to dominate the social media market.

So kind of them to give us these FREE services so we can enjoy interacting with others at no cost. They must really have hearts of gold to eschew profit for service to humanity.

But wait a minute… if the service is free, the users are the commodity. And these companies are actually selling your personal data and activities to the highest bidder, usually corporate and government intelligence services. At the same time they implement these organisations' social engineering agendas. So what you have basically done is sign up to a surveillance, propaganda and social conditioning program that are masquerading as innocent social media 'free' platforms.

This is the Faustian bargain: you are freely given a world of seemingly unlimited social interactions, information and entertainment, and in return, you unwittingly sell your soul to Big Brother — giving free access to your most private thoughts, likes & dislikes, pictures and activities, allowing a frighteningly-accurate digital profile of you to be hawked.

Why do you need to care about that? Because it allows whoever has that data not only to sell you things more effectively, but to control you at every level. You can be sure that if Western society loses its liberty under mass-surveillance and a totalitarian lockdown, these social media companies will be the ones policing the New World Order. When the bars of your prison cell are that personalised, you don’t actually see them until it is too late. And this is the dystopian future we are headed for unless enough of us get off these toxic mind-control platforms.

There are alternatives that value your privacy (although it is likely that as they become more popular, they too may not be able to resist the massive potential payoff they can get for turning to the dark side). So beware of even these, they are free services and so may well, at some point, go over to the dark side to cash in on surveillance and conditioning money. But they are certainly orders of magnitude better than the well-known ones:

There are many more growing alternatives than these, but these are a good start. But still beware: the very act of interacting with others on social media platforms is debilitating to humans psychologically; the longer we spend interacting digitally the more depressed and unhappy we feel. Better to limit time on these dopamine-drainers so you don’t get addicted to approval. (Quick tip: if you want higher self-esteem, cut out the selfies!)

Run from the evil platforms that trash the Constitution and free speech, and merely see you as a commodity to sell out. Get off these parasitic sites that suck the life force from you, destroying your freedoms and your health in the process. Understand that anything "free" that is offered you is likely a trojan horse. Its a shiny trinket to entrap you into their surveillance and propaganda programs. These tech behemoths have no care or respect for you; you are just another resource to be exploited and manipulated.

And if you post videos on Youtube, please mirror them on Bitchute or D-Tube as this will help those platforms gain interesting content and grow. We need to nurture those services that respect privacy and penalise those that don't.

In the end, it all comes down to freedom. When privacy is eroded, the ability to manipulate society is hugely magnified. Personal data gives those individuals and organisations with genuine Big Brother aspirations (like the Gates' eugenics foundation, Soros' marxist foundation, Musk's AI agenda, global bankers, shadow governments, rogue intelligence services and every other psychopathic billionaire and politician) the social leverage they need to realise their diabolical globalist agendas in supposedly free democratic societies with a free-thinking population.

Nobody in their right mind would support these totalitarian globalist plans that benefit only the 1% and turn the rest of us into worker automatons, and so the people have to be influenced into a "modified" state of mind through the back door, using tried and tested propaganda and mind-control techniques. This time, however, the effectiveness of techniques is increased by orders of magnitude by tailoring the programming using our individualised social media activity data, so that the hours we spend plugged into the digital environment become our conditioning to accept the unacceptable.

It all comes down to privacy: when privacy is defended and maintained, we are not so easily manipulated, and we are able to stand our ground against this totalitarian abuse. We may not be able to stop the erosion of liberty, but at least we have a chance. But if we give up our privacy, we have no chance and a dystopia awaits.

Privacy = Freedom!