Ridicule of UFOs and Visiting Aliens
02 Jul 2017

We think that ridicule will keep us away from having to face up to uncomfortable truths. And one such truth is that we have a close entwined destiny with alien races that have always been with us.

THE EASIEST PEOPLE TO RIDICULE are those interested in UFO phenomena and alien visitation. No other area of interest, belief or experience generates more ridicule.

Why is the concept that we are possibly being visited by alien races from other planets so utterly ridiculous that respectable scientists cannot ever take it seriously? After all, in an observable universe of one billion trillion stars arranged in 10 billion galaxies, and with an exponentially increasing number of these stars estimated to have earth-like planets, it is completely irrational to believe that are no other advanced civilisations in our galaxy. The Milky Way alone is estimated to have tens of billions of planets that could support life. The people who should actually be laughed at are those who believe that out of these billion trillion stars (and that is ONLY in the observable universe), life developed on only one planet. Now that really is a ridiculous proposition!

This burgeoning percentage of potential life-supporting planets now being discovered has meant that scientists and sceptics have now had to revise their position on alien life. Rather than arguing that the chances of it arising are vanishingly small, the argument now tentatively hangs on the fixed limit of the speed of light which is 300 million metres per second. According to our current scientific theories, which are less than 100 years old, the speed of light can never be surpassed and so provides an absolute limit on how fast even the most advanced civilisation can travel or signal through this unimaginably massive cosmos. The argument is that even if there are other advanced civilisations in our galaxy, which is almost a statistical certainty, the enormous distances between us and them are likely too vast to cross, even in the lifetime of their or our civilisations. In other words, we are insulated from each other by enormous distances.

This argument rests on some big assumptions:

  1. Modern physics, which is only about 100 years old, holds no more surprises and is now complete. Therefore limitations it describes are absolute will never be surpassed at some future date. (This mirrors the hubris of physicists at the turn of the 20th Century who believed that their theories were complete, before a physics revolution blew those old paradigms out of the water!)
  2. That we are accurate with our estimation of the age of the universe (based on our current scientific models); that we are accurate in our assumption of how long life on a new planet takes to evolve; that we are accurate in our assumption of how long a civilisation might last etc.

A lot of shaky assumptions!

So why again is it so ridiculous that aliens might have visited our planet and might continue to be visiting it?

Well the sceptic might say, if aliens were somehow able to travel the vast differences to visit us then they would land on the White House lawn. Obvious isn't it?

Only obvious to an idiot. Do we really believe that an alien from a civilisation more advanced than ourselves — someone who probably has a very different nervous system — is really going to think and act just as we would expect humans to? Are we really so foolishly anthropomorphic? Aliens are called aliens for good reason: they are alien to us by definition! And that means that it is invalid to assign human motivations and behaviour to them just on the basis of them being intelligent. Again, more hubris.

So all in all, those that ridicule are actually the ones being ridiculous. I personally have no time for them… none at all. I have had a number of UFO sightings, from disks to triangular craft to points of light, all silent and defying momentum with their high-g turns, but I would never debate these with anyone even remotely sceptical. But I will say that it gives me a deep and personal satisfaction that I do not have to be a believer, because I have seen with my own eyes.

Of course, it is always much more than just "sightings" as some of you will know. The presence of aliens is ultimately an ontological issue. They are not "visitors", they are part of us and we are part of them. They are our evolution.

Humans are an arrogant species, and it is this arrogance that has taken us to the edge of the abyss. And there is nothing more arrogant than believing that belief systems trump experience and feelings.

This is how our governments control us, by imposing very limited belief systems on us through the educational system and the mass media that trigger us to ridicule anything we do not understand or anything that we fear. Ridiculing the concept of visiting aliens and UFOs being spaceships is a last ditch attempt to turn us away from our destiny, to keep us looking up to Big Brother, when in fact Big Brother is an infinitesimally small speck in a universe teeming with beings far more advanced.

Ditch big brother; ditch the suffocating paradigms time-wasting sceptics try to impose on us. Our destiny is out in the cosmos, and so were our origins.