Mainstream Media FINALLY exposes the banking fraud — but why?
19 Mar 2011

IT FINALLY HAPPENED, the mainstream media has lifted the lid on the banking fraud. But why now? MSNBC who broadcast this news report is no doubt owned by the bankers, so why are the bankers allowing lifting the lid on their own scam?

Here are some possible reasons and scenarios:

  1. The banking system is propped up on confidence, and as people are starting to lose confidence in the system, the only way for it to continue is for the game to be played out in the open, which means people will realize that they do not live in a democracy but are slaves to a banking system. This is the endgame scenario and they are playing the last card they hold to try to retain control. When the people revolt (if they revolt) then martial law can be declared and that annoying thing called democracy can be dropped. This will be a big step towards a one-world government.
  2. Those running the banking system realize that the house of cards is about to collapse and that we are shortly going to find out that there is no money left in the kitty. So better to come clean now.
  3. The new energies coming in are stirring up the mainstream media and the banking system. The Illuminati are changing, realizing they have done wrong as they individually open up to new possibilities.
  4. ETs or God have forced the banking community to come clean, especially at this time as we approach the end of a grand cycle.
  5. The banking system realizes the game is up and are willing to play a risky game of exposing some of what is going on, which will involve fall guys like Alan Greenspan, so that a new money system (a new system of control) can be brought in as the solution to this terrible problem.
  6. Those controlling the banks are a new generation that is now trying to get rid of the legacy of the old generations and run a sustainable banking system. (After all, if you parasite too much, as the present system does, you end up killing your host which is not in your own long-term interests.)
  7. This information will trigger a large financial panic that will bust a lot of the smaller banks so that they can all be swallowed up by one big central bank, and like the last banking collapse, a lot of money will be made by the Elite bankers. So it is just another money-making scam, this one called "Coming Clean".
  8. All or several of the above.
  9. None of the above.

Whatever it is, it is not a good sign in the short-term. It means the money system itself is probably close to collapse and that this will bring in huge changes in the near future that could make everyday survival difficult for many people.

What next? Maybe we will soon hear that extraterrestrials exist and have been visiting our planet for eons, and that they are in communication with our governments and/or other organisations? (This is not being written tongue-in-cheek by the way.)



Thank you M for alerting me to the video :-)