Blanket Surveillance to Monitor Mass Metamorphosis
12 Apr 2015

Humanity is changing, metamorphosing into something other, something polydimensional. And this is the real reason for the mass surveillance that we are all under, for in expanding definitions of self we free ourselves from societal enslavement.

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE who trust your government, then you will consider blanket surveillance as a means to prevent the terrorism that the government is elected to protect us from. Monitoring everyone allows the heroic intelligence organisations to identify terrorists and hopefully stop them from terrorising others.

If you are one of those who distrust your government, then you will consider blanket surveillance as a means to maintain a plutocracy that masquerades as a democracy. Monitoring everyone allows the intelligence organisations to identify those who too vociferously expose this democratic charade, and hopefully be able to nip a problem in the bud and silence any whistleblowers before they can spark off any sort of popular movement or protest that helps move us back towards true democracy.

Unfortunately, the second perspective appears to be closer to reality than the first. Benign old Uncle Sam, if indeed he ever existed, was murdered a long time ago, and no amount of nostalgia and wishful thinking will bring back the good old days. In his place is Psychopathic Sam, who hides behind the American flag, trading on the last remnants of blind patriotism that allow him to perpetrate terrible evils, mostly in far off countries and poor US communities, under the illusion of democratic and lawful mandates, and hushed up by a compliant mass-media. When the patriotism that is blind to Psychopathic Sam's true nature is exhausted, he will have no choice but to come out, imposing martial law to continue his reign of terror.

The interesting question is: why does Psychopathic Sam, who controls the largest and most deadly military force on the globe, spend his days looking over his shoulder at little old you and me? What does Psychopathic Sam actually fear?

In the old days, the government (and the elite that control it) feared the people simply because there were so many of them, making public opinion a sleeping giant that had to always be placated, least the people get fed up of tyranny and overthrow the government, depriving the elite of their means to parasite off the population. (After a revolution, it can take a while for the elite to get their tentacles back into society and reinsert their surgical blood drains.)

Today, things are different: governments have now spent decades building up their strength so that even a popular revolt would probably be unable to depose them. They have done this by accumulating great (stolen) wealth through unaccountable black budget projects and by disarming the population whilst militarising the police. So the stakes are now firmly in their favour in any physical confrontation. For example, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently purchased more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, which works out to 1000 MORE rounds per person than the army needs. At the moment it is anyone's guess why the DHS needs so much ammunition as it has repeatedly refused to tell members of Congress the purpose of their purchase.

At the same time, foreign military personnel are ready to fill key military roles, personnel less likely to hesitate with American citizens in the gun sights. And all this is developing within a carefully orchestrated milieu of terrorism, in which a constant perceived danger from both without and within allows popular risings to be reinterpreted by the mass-media propaganda machine as "terrorist activity", thus justifying the elimination of lawful protest and dissent. In this way, we continue down the road to Hell unabated, a road paved by jingo journalists and mediawhores.

So physically speaking, Western governments are sitting pretty having orchestrated a social and police structure in which it is almost impossible to overthrow them. And yet… they continue this blanket surveillance as if their greatest fear is ordinary people, rather than bands of extremists in far off countries. What could it be about the general public that our governments are so concerned about?

The younger generations (and a small percentage of older generations) have always carried the torch of rebellion. This rebellion was harshly suppressed in former times, but today, with online social networking, smartphones and free speech laws, rebellion has an opportunity to develop far beyond knee-jerk rejection to the establishment. We are now able to set up whole new systems that bypass the old control systems in areas such as money, health, media, ethics, organisation and happiness/fulfilment:

  • Money: Alternative money systems allow us to bypass the taxes and interest payments imposed by the banking elite and the governments they control. Some even have negative interest to discourage hording. History bears witness that any community with the courage to set up its own money system thrives.
  • Health: Putting our well-being in the hands of massive pharmaceuticals and biotech companies, and the government organisations that mandate their wares, pits profit against public health. As long as we trust doctors and government healthcare, which undoubtedly follow the business model, we will remain sickly pawns in the healthcare money game.
  • Media: The mainstream media is the primary tool for information control in “democracies” and peddles the lies of its elite owners whilst churning out a junk food diet of entertainment news and jingoism. The result is an ill-informed people who actually vote against their own interests! The Internet, however, is freeing information, exposing the lies so that the mainstream media spiders spin, and people are learning rightfully starting to get their news and info from alternative online sources. (Which is unfortunately why governments and corporations are doing everything they can to control the Internet.)
  • Ethics: As long as our sense of ethics is dictated to us by our school systems, we may feel it right to allow our taxes and military to be used for mass-murder in far away countries for political ends that favour only the elite. And as long as our sense of ethics is dictated to us by the multinationals, we may feel it right to purchase as much as we can, murder animals for food, gorge ourselves on toxic pills in the name of health, and vote for every sociopathic politician who offers to keep us "safe".
  • Organisation: Traditionally, the way we do business is along the lines of a mini dictatorship with a rigid top-bottom control. But this is changing with the influence of the Internet as people learn to work in networks and outsource many essential tasks. This sets up an environment in which people do not try to dominate or compete with each other, but rather work for their needs and respect their differences. Look deeper, we find that it is actually our money system that encourages a top-down control structure.
  • Happiness & Fulfilment: The traditional dream is to have lots of money, a big house, 2.2 children, an expensive car, fame and a beautiful partner. This is the dream that is sold to us every day through the mainstream media, the one that motivates us to give our lifeblood to the system. But the dream is just that… a dream. It is not real. And it does not actually bring us true happiness that lasts because happiness has to come from inside for it to be authentic and lasting, and is not derived from external circumstances, no matter how "positive" they may seem.

And as these new systems start to form in our society, systems that make the old establishment irrelevant, those that own and benefit from the old system are using much of their resources to monitor us and try to sabotage this new free world.

However, it is not just the new systems being set up that frighten the elite. After all, a revolution in the normal sense does not seem to be on the cards as the general population seems to be more asleep than ever, completely fixated by mass entertainment, consumerism, fashion, junk food and fame. What is actually frightening them is a growing subset of the general population (mostly the younger generations) which seems to be morphing into something else… something not quite human.

The fact is that new generations are being born that are very different to previous generations. Some call these the Indigo children or Crystal kids — new waves of beings incarnating on this planet, beings from somewhere else bringing in something from outside… something alien. Some even go so far to claim that our society has been infiltrated by extraterrestrials, and that they have undertaken a breeding program to push the genetic changes in the human race. Although this is easy to dismiss as "conspiracy theory", it would explain the ridiculous level of unlawful blanket surveillance that all of us are now under in the name of "protection against terrorism".

Only closed systems can be controlled, and Earth is anything but. You just cannot lock down a whole planet — there are just too many entry points. But that has not stopped the controllers of human society — the elite — doing everything they can to keep the human system closed and therefore in their control. (Unfortunately for them, human Earth-based society has a history of outside influence, so any attempt at locking down planet Earth is too little too late.)

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen - Anthem

And the light is streaming in at the moment, which is why the elite is terrified of the public, for it is in the masses that there is the greatest consciousness-shift. And when consciousness changes like that, you can be sure that a fundamental reality-change is soon to follow, a change that does not even necessitate a revolution in the traditional sense.

This is because consciousness is the bedrock of reality, and so how we perceive ourselves changes the world, not least because it changes our behaviour. This might sound like New Age nonsense by those who are scientifically inclined, but such a dismissal implies a fundamental misunderstanding of what science can actually comment on. Consider the two statements:

  1. Everything is made of matter, with consciousness as an expression or epiphenomenon of that matter.
  2. Everything is made of consciousness, with matter as an expression or epiphenomenon of consciousness.

How would we scientifically determine which is the correct statement? We can't, for questions such as these are scientifically untestable and therefore beyond the remit of science. So any scientist that tells you that consciousness is just an epiphenomenon of matter is expressing a personal opinion, nothing more. In fact, if you really think about it, the second statement about consciousness being primary fits our experience much more than the first statement. Consciousness seems to be involved in every aspect of our experience, even those aspects involving us trying to formulate an objective model of reality, as we do in science. So the second postulate actually fits our experience much more than the first.

So it is perfectly reasonable to believe that a change in consciousness will fundamentally change reality. But, as has been mentioned above, even if we cannot believe that consciousness is primary, we would have to admit that who and what we think we are determines how we behave. And in that way, consciousness becomes a key consideration for anyone who wishes to control or manipulate reality.

If we want to maximally limit and control people, we need them to feel limited and small. They must strongly feel:

  • disempowered
  • fragile
  • frightened
  • hopeless
  • weak
  • inconsequential
  • temporary
  • insecure

And to do this we need to persuade them that they their physical bodies are the totality of who and what they are. In other words, a body-centric paradigm makes people easier to control and manipulate because it ties them to the temporal; it keeps them identified as sheep.

So this is why our society has been so strongly conditioned to be body-centric. It keeps us all in line, minimising our metamorphosis. Whether these disruptions will be enough to halt the general awakening, only time can tell, and it will depend upon whether a critical mass of individuals is able to ignore mass media propaganda and rise above body-identification.

We can, however, maximise our own metamorphosis by getting out of self-definition. This can be done in various complementary ways: meditation/enquiry, music, mass-media fasts, psychoactive substances… etc. Indeed anything that really allows us to drop who and what we think we are can be helpful. When we are outside of or beyond the narrow identity that normal society assigns us, we have a chance of real metamorphosis. But as long as we think we are "just" a body with an 80-year lifespan, our self-definition enslaves us and keeps us working as cogs for the machine.

And that is why the elite do everything they can to get us body-identified — to keep us locked in small definitions of self through mass media reinforcement — because they know that this is the only way they are going to be able to maintain a semblance of control. The battle-lines for our future are drawn on who and what we think we are.

Many in the New Age and New Consciousness movement pay lip-service to the fact that we are infinite beings, but all the while they do this in a self-aggrandising way… an egotistical way. So rather than fundamentally changing identity, instead it is dressed up in spiritual clothes in which Chogyam Trungpa labelled “spiritual materialism”; we become proud possessors of esoteric wisdom, meditative techniques and dielectic methods. But all the while we keep the self as the foundation. In other words, we become shinier cogs, but still cogs nonetheless!

And, from a broader societal perspective, this is why we are encouraged to become so sexualised and preoccupied with relationship at every level: for preoccupation with sex and relationship, in the traditional sense, is a preoccupation with bodies and body-identification. And that preoccupation is exactly what is needed to keep us in line. Sex and relationship can powerfully take us out of our bodies — ask any tantric practitioner — but a continuous mental preoccupation certainly keeps us locked into body-consciousness, the very body-consciousness that supports the old world and its structures. It is always remarkable how much body admiration goes on in so called spiritual circles.

So the real revolutionary must let go of body space-time identification, for only then can he or she become animated by the Cosmos itself. Then, fundamental change becomes inevitable. And so that is why the elite do everything they can to keep highlighting identity through the media portrayals of heroes, victims, villains and sex symbols — all identities that resonate with different aspects of ourselves. We are being barraged by limiting identities!

If we really want to mature both spiritually and psychologically, it is far better to focus on becoming a nobody. For only nobodies hold the keys to the polydimensional nature of reality. When we become nobody, the Cosmos is invited to animate us, to flow through us, and by its grace we start to morph into a polydimensional species that whatever species that cannot be contained or manipulated. That is the great fear of the elite and why they monitor us so closely. That is why the conscious awakening of the 60s gave way to the materialism of the 80s and finally the body-centrism of the 00s, which was held in place by the rise of the social media ego factories.

Social media, in the way that it is set up and being used, has become the primary means by which we keep ourselves in body-identification. We fixate on photos of self and others, and reinforce emotions that keep us locked in limited identity. We collect and reject friends as if they are things, and most of our comments fuel our addiction for self-validation. If we do not have many friends or “likes”, then we feel worthless, an emotion as destructive as pride because it also locks us into body-identification.

Imagine a new social networking system… one in which who and what we are is not confined to a single profile or identity. Imagine if identities and profiles were designed to morph and “bud off” automatically as we grow and develop, based on our feedback, interests and input. Some aspects of ourselves would atrophy if no longer expressed in that direction. Imagine if our picture changed each day so that we could get to understand different perspectives. We might be beautiful one day, less attractive another, a man and then a woman, old and then young. We would soon learn to accept others in the real world for we would know what it is like to be each one, rather than fixated on a fictitious young self and then watch it deteriorate over time.

Emotional responses would not become part of our identity, but rather remain merely an expression of emptiness. Such a social networking site would teach us to grow deeply, to grow inter-dimensionally, without reinforcing limited self. Choice would be relegated to how we behave and respond, rather than which friends we pick. It would certainly be hard at first not to be a “someone” who accumulates things — friends, likes, comments etc. — but in no time we would see that being free of these ego-props is a big relief! We would still have friends, but they would be the ones that naturally gravitate towards us due to mutual harmony rather than identity.

Just an idea!

So getting out of identity is not just about spiritual awakening. It is also about stepping out of the social control games that keep us suck in identity. It is about stepping out of definitions that enslave us everyday of our lives.

Truly realising the emptiness of being is a vital part of our awakening, but so is getting to know and play in the fullness of our polydimensional existence. This metamorphosis of being is what we were born for, and it is what will bring true happiness and freedom to everyone, even the elite who are trying so hard to keep us as their chattel.