Vitamin Pill Cancer Risk
19 Oct 2009

PROFESSOR MARTIN WISEMAN, medical adviser for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), recently stated that, "Many people think they can reduce their cancer risk by taking supplements, but the evidence does not support this... Although there are some studies that have shown a reduction in cancer risk from high-dose supplements, others have not... This means we simply do not know enough about what the effect will be for the general population to confidently predict the balance of risks and benefits." Of course, this did not stop the fear-mongering mainstream media, the Daily Express in this case, from screaming out the headline: VITAMIN PILL CANCER RISK.

This raises some important points. Firstly, if Wiseman is medical adviser to the WCRF, you can bet that he is strongly supportive of the pharmaceutical industry that backs him and the WCRF. And yet his statement is actually equivocal on the vitamin issue, implying that, even with an understandable bias against vitamin supplementation, he still could not reject vitamins straight out, which indicates the strength of evidence in favour of vitamin supplementation. And secondly, you have the mainstream dullards in the mainstream media turning this ambiguity into a proclamation of vitamins causing cancer. Why? Well the Daily Express is owned by English pornographer, Richard Desmond, and you can be assured, that with a net worth of just under a billion pounds sterling, he probably has strong interests in the pharmaceutical industry.