BBC COVID-19 Propaganda Videos
03 May 2020

Gone are the days that the BBC is respected for its balanced news. Today, this antiquated organisation has become the UK's Ministry of Truth, and it no longer bothers to hide its Orwellian-Marxist and Progressive agenda.

Those outside the UK may not realise that the BBC is hated by a large percentage of Britons. They are tired not only of its politically correct dross, moronic output and blatant propaganda news feeds, but also at having to pay for it. Yes, there is an antiquated license fee that every household with a working television receiver (whether by dish, cable or aerial) is obliged to pay — even pensioners with little money. That fee is currently set at an annual £157.50 or approx $200.

And if like some you wisely got rid of your television years ago, you will still get harassed by constant notices in the post and knocks at the door. The morons at the BBC just can't imagine how anybody could quite happily continue without being spoon-fed a daily dose of propaganda, and so they take the stance of assuming your guilt first, and leaving it to you to state or prove your innocence. (This in a country where you are supposedly innocent until proven guilty, but the BBC directors believe that they are above the law and enjoy going rogue on the population that foolishly still supports it.)

Given the above, I was amused but not surprised to come across this propaganda video on COVID-19:

This “BBC REALITY CHECK” presentation is presented by someone (Chris Morris) who even looks a bit like Eric Blair (George Orwell)!

I will only address the first claim as it is the more interesting one, but once you see the propaganda techniques being used, you will see how they apply to the other claims that the BBC are falsely making.

Orwell — sorry Chris Morris — begins by setting the scene: “Here are the latest dodgy claims about coronavirus that are spreading fast online.” This sets the tone for the propaganda, dismissing the claims as “dodgy” before even addressing them.

He goes on to say: “5G mobile networks transmit Coronavirus. 5G was a favourite target of conspiracy theorists long before the new coronavirus appeared, and now the myths have just been tweaked a bit. Some claim 5G can suppress the immune system, others that the mobile technology somehow transmits the virus. For the avoidance of doubt, scientists have told the BBC that both claims are absolute rubbish. 5G radio waves are nowhere near strong enough to affect immunity. And the idea that the technology can transmit the virus is biologically impossible.

Interesting choice of words “transmit” in his first sentence on this claim, and yet the graphic reads “5G spreads coronavirus.” These are two entirely different perspectives — one ridiculous and one a real possibility — but by conflating the two it allows him to dismiss the possible one on the back of the ridiculous one.

5G is a network with no independent safety testing. None. And yet it is being rapidly rolled out. (There is a self-appointed NGO called the ICNIRP — The International Committee on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection — that advises WHO, but they are far from independent and refuse to even contemplate non-thermal effects of these 5G microwave intensities.)

Surely this just more conspiracy theory!? How is it even possible to roll out a new technology without any independent safety testing? After all, the mobile phone industry for years has had health warnings shipped out with its handsets because it is aware that non-ionising radiation poses a significant risk to health. And with 5G, those frequencies the industry admits are unsafe are being ramped up.

Here we have a video of Senator Blumenthal address the top representatives of the 5G industry — Gillen, Berry and Bhatt. Here you will see these three industry stooges squirm under Blumenthal’s simple questions on safety:

So here we have the industry itself basically admitting that there is no independent safety research, and that they are rolling out the 5G technology blind. Yet Mr Orwell above, who speaks on the BBC Propaganda channel, states with absolute confidence that “scientists have told the BBC that [these] claims are absolute rubbish.” He goes on to emphatically say:

“5G radio waves are nowhere near strong enough to affect immunity.”

This is a pretty definitive statement to make considering there is no actual independent research and that it is based on nothing. But as a diktat from the BBC, we are supposed to take it as gospel. The BBC has spoken, and no independent thought is allowed. After all, the nameless “scientists” have assured them that the claims are “absolute rubbish.” And by using the plural “scientists”, the implication is that all scientists hold this position, and it is non-contentious that 5G is considered safe. This is a lie, told very politely but firmly, and shows again how propaganda works by using the distortion of generalisation.

And since when was science absolute on anything regarding complex systems like the human body etc. Are all the scientists who have signed the following petition, who I am sure know more about radiation that Mr. Orwell at the BBC, talking “absolute rubbish”?

It is certainly outlandish to claim that 5G somehow transmits a viral load. That is nonsense from the perspective of today’s science. (That does not mean at some point in the future a way might not be found to transmit matter through frequency — you see it in sci-fi the whole time — but as of official science today, this certainly is a ridiculous claim.) But see how Mr. Orwell conflates this outlandish notion with the perfectly reasonable notion that 5G damages immunity, and therefore increases susceptibility to infection (including COVID-19 infection).

Here is a review academic article published in 2016 in which it is clear that non-ionising radiation has dangers that are not being addressed.

This review concludes:

“Studies have, as described as examples in this review, reported damage to male reproductive health, proteins and cellular membranes, increased oxidative stress, cell death and genotoxicity, altered electrical brain activity and cognition, increased behavioural problems in children and risks of some cancers.”

Cell membranes us voltage-gated channels to move ions in and out of the cell, and these channels are certainly affected by non-ionising radiation. This is a fact, not conspiracy theory.

And the studies this review is referring to are pre-5G studies. As 5G is much higher in frequency and power than 4G, any potential negative or damaging effects are very likely to be magnified. And yet… nothing is being done… lies are being told, and Mr. Orwell at the BBC categorically states that, “5G radio waves are nowhere near strong enough to affect immunity.”

This is not science — this is pure propaganda. At the very least, the research is demanding proper independent safety reviews, which unfortunately are not on the cards because the industry has too much to lose if it is found to be unsafe.

There are those putting out information that 5G frequencies are directly causing toxins, including viral particles, to be excreted from our cells; that COVID-19 is entirely radiation caused. This goes much further in terms of the dangers of 5G, and paints a very disturbing picture. For example, here is a lecture supposedly by a former Vodafone senior employee who is blowing the whistle on the dangers of 5G:

This may or may not have scientific validity — I cannot find bona fide research on these claims. Can viral particles really be coaxed out of cells by non-ionising radiation? I am open-minded to this but would have to see some research. But at the very least, based on the research of the dangers of non-ionising radiation that does exist, the precautionary principle should be applied and proper safety studies done. Here is a great review on such a precautionary approach regarding the research on non-ionising radiation:

But why bother with research when Big Auntie BBC, without any actual review of the research or even understanding of science, can categorically state that non-ionising radiation is safe. They know this because “scientists” told them. Yeah right!

Next we will be told that it is a conspiracy theory that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Imperial College in London (which produced most of the exaggerated COVID-19 projections that led to a lockdown) are being influenced by Bill Gates’ massive donations. The official lies and spin never stop…