No Writing
28 Jul 2009

I HAVE NOT WRITTEN ANYTHING for a few months now as I have been immersing myself in what is called "Advaita" or non-duality spirituality. The main exponents of this perspective include Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Papaji, Mooji, Darshan, Gangaji, Tony Parsons, Jan Kersschot etc., and it is the realization of the fictitious nature of the individual self and of all separation and demarcations.

Although I am very grateful to these teachers for their insightful teachings, I stay far away from making anyone of them a "guru" or special teacher for the guru-disciple setup is a hindrance to oneness realization for it perpetuates the false idea of the seeker being separate from the one who has has awakened to the truth. There is no such separation; there is nothing to seek; the spiritual journey itself is an illusion that is maintained by the ego for its own survival.

I realize that my own ideas have been pointing in this direction as I try to identify and unravel dogma/beliefs wherever I see it, but this takes it much further because the ultimate dogma is the concept of self. So in my writing I have been challenging dogma within the dogma of a separate you and I — within the illusion of individuality. Now it is time to let the whole thing go.

This is a whole new experiential phase in my life and I have no impetus to write any more until I have integrated this realization :-)