Prejudice against Reptilians parallels Prejudice against Jews
20 Apr 2015

Videos are springing up on Youtube purportedly showing public figures and other human-looking individuals shape-shifting into Reptilians. Sadly, this 'evidence' is more a case of deep human prejudice that worryingly parallels that directed towards the Jews.

RECENTLY, I WAS INVITED to join an spiritual online forum on UFOs and aliens. My first post to this forum was to recommend a Steven Greer lecture that I happened to have watched earlier in the day and thought people might find interesting. However, the embedded video link was quickly deleted, and in its place, the lady running the forum posted the comment that the group didn't accept posts relating to people with "reptilian energy". She went on to say that that "Greer and others" are reptilians. When I asked her who the "others" were, she would not name names but advised that I feel them out with your heart, that reptiles were aggressive because they did not have empathic bodies attached, and that 3% of the population are reptilian infiltrates controlling humanity from the heart of many large organisations and governments.

I was a little taken aback at first. Not because I hadn't seen prejudice against reptiles — it is universal in any UFO/ET forum and in some radical Christian forums — but because it was happening in a so-called "spiritual" forum. Whilst your average UFO nut is not particularly open-hearted or spiritually aware (which is why I tend to give UFO/alien forums a very wide berth), those purporting to follow serious spiritual paths do not usually exhibit this level of prejudice because the spiritual process itself is about inclusion.

I apologised for my mistake and was going to continue my interaction with the forum, just avoiding mentioning Greer, but something felt very off about this whole situation. Clear prejudice had been displayed and I was not a about to follow it: after all, blindly following these forum rules would make me no different from the prejudiced person who came up with them in the first place. So I deleted my membership. But I still felt that the issues raised were important to explore further because people were either just accepting this sort of prejudice or they were overlooking it completely as just conspiracy theory. Very few seem to be questioning the prejudice itself and what it actually says about the human condition.

The first thing that I did was to find out why people thought that Greer was a reptile. It seemed to be based on just three observations, the first one being the primary one:

  1. Greer can look reptilian in certain carefully selected video frames.
  2. Greer advocates that ETs are all friendly and we must welcome them — which is an "obvious" reptilian ploy to put us off guard for a reptilian invasion.
  3. Greer has friends in high places, and as repitlians tend to sequester themselves in high places, well… Greer "must be" one of them.

Here is a video that shows the visual "proof":

And there frames been analysed on this website:

I don't even know how to begin responding to this sort of mindless bigotry. Steven Greer is a man in his sixties so it is pretty normal for him to have wrinkles. He has also been a body builder most of his life and that muscular structure, with its low body fat, will show sinews, veins and substructure. It is normal. As for the reptilian pupil slits: eyes are reflective surfaces and so reflect anything vertical and darkish, or twin-side studio lighting, would the eye the appearance of a vertical reptilian pupil. Choose your video capture frames carefully, and you will find reptilian features in anyone, especially if the video in question is low quality — the more blurring the better.

Even someone like Keanu Reeves is a reptilian… apparently! (The "claws" are waters dripping off the ends of his fingers.)

I found it revealing that even one of the main peddlers of the Reptilian worldview, David Icke himself, can look Reptilian in selected video frames:

Some might call all this harmless fun, but it is important to point out that propaganda very similar to this was used by the Nazis to vilify the Jews, leading to one of the greatest horrors of modern times.

Here are some examples of Nazi educational propaganda that was put out for German children (about the same intellectual level as that being put out against the "reptilians") taken from Mary Mills' Nizkor Project:

  • [The Jew] is conveyed as an infiltrator, who, upon gaining entry into German society, has usurped the political and economic power of Germany and focused his attention upon the destruction of the German people.
  • In order to make the status of the Jew as a deadly enemy of everything German as concrete as possible to German children, the teacher's guide suggests that pictures of Jews (which, of course, are ugly or distorted) be posted on the board next to pictures of the ideal German type.
  • In contrast to the honest German farmer or worker, the Jew is depicted as someone who lives off the sweat of others by his swindling activities as a lawyer, a merchant, or a banker, whose god is money.
  • The image of the Jew as something less than human, unnatural and immoral recurs throughout the Nazi propaganda picture storybooks for young children.
  • The German is depicted as the tall, blond, slender and powerful Aryan ideal with regular features and a high forehead. His shovel indicates that he is a worker. In contrast to the Aryan ideal, the Jew is shown as short, dark-haired, misshapen, bulky, with a sloping forehead and a crooked nose and embodies the Jewish racial characteristics set forth by the Nazis.
  • The Jew poses a deadly threat not only to the survival of the German people but to the survival of the world! It is Germany's obligation to warn the rest of the world about this terrible toadstool and thereby save humanity from destruction.

Sound familiar? Replace the word "Jew" in the Nazi propaganda with the word "Reptilian", and the word "German" with "human" and you will come up with statements almost identical to those found in many UFO/alien forums. Today, thanks to researchers like Icke, a significant proportion of those interested in UFOs and aliens believe that Reptilians are infiltrating human society in order to enslave us (and even eat us). These Reptilians are characterised by their unattractive and distorted reptilian physical features (features that occasionally peek through and which can be captured on film). They are also considered parasitic and untrustworthy, and a threat to the survival of the world. And you often see them depicted on New Age sites beside or behind Germanic-looking Nordic aliens to increase the contrast.

The Nazi propaganda outlined in the Nizkor Project above is pretty transparent and shocking to most of us today, but that is actually because it was challenged by those who stood up for non-discrimination, and because of that, non-discrimination has fortunately become an important part of our educational system. But if nobody had challenged antisemitism, we might still consider this sort of prejudice objective, even scientifically valid, as it was just 80 years ago in parts of Europe. That is why it is important to stand up to prejudice, even prejudice against what might be just a mythical race.

This prejudice against Reptilians is the same prejudice that has blighted humanity for millennia, except this time its focus is an alien race rather than a human race. The labels are different but the prejudice is equally pernicious.

So why is it despicable to vilify Jews but okay to vilify Reptilians?

Some might argue that the reason it is okay to vilify Reptilians is that they pose a real threat to humanity, and therefore we have a duty to expose them. But didn't millions once believe that Jews posed a real threat to humanity, which is why they needed to be exterminated? (Sadly, many still do and antisemitism is alive and well in the 21st Century, encouraged by the abuses of Zionism.)

So our perception of the danger posed by another race or species is itself affected by our prejudice. And given that it is highly questionable whether Reptilians even exist as real "flesh & blood" entities, our perception of the dangers posed by this race or species becomes even more subjective. After all, what do we really have to base our evidence on? On a few carefully selected video frames? Or a bad feeling we have? On the words of Icke and similar writers and speakers? Is that really objective enough to irredeemably label someone a Reptilian?

Racism is not a crime if the existence of the race in question is not assured. Most will dismiss extreme prejudice against Reptilians as just conspiracy theory nonsense. But the real issue is: even if the target of racial prejudice is fictitious, does that mean that there is no danger in individuals basically practising prejudice?

When we vilify others, from a psychological point of view, we project what we deem as negative qualities on to them. This allows us to feel good about ourselves at the expense of others, so that we are see ourselves as the "good guys" and the others as the "bad guys". And because the "bad guys" have been stripped of any good qualities, we regard them as sub-human which then can be used to justify us abusing them. It is a psychological mechanism as old as humanity itself, and may have once offered a strong evolutionary advantage when "other" really was an extreme threat. But it has no place in a modern civilised society. In fact, you could say that the primary process of civilisation itself is to move from projection to communication, understanding and acceptance.

So anything that strengthens our habit of psychological projection is actually a step backwards for our civilisation, which means that passing off Reptilian projection as harmless conspiracy nonsense, without challenging it, is short-sighted and turns a blind eye to the encouragement of extreme prejudice. This is because the target of prejudice can easily change, and so hatred of a fictitious race or species can quickly switch to hatred of a real race or species. We we are primarily doing is learning to hate "other".

Lack of direct evidence of the existence of Reptilians in the space-time dimension means that it can and probably is primarily just a disparaging term used to label certain humans we dislike or disagree with. It is cruel, hurtful, ageist and heartless, and opens the door to abuse. The number of so-called "spiritual" people who disparage others by using the Reptilian moniker is very sad, and they usually follow it up by talking about the importance of love!

And even if Reptilians do exist, and they feed off negative emotions as many claim, then vilifying them is counterproductive. And how do we know that all Reptilians are the same: perhaps like humans some are non-abusive. Would it be fair, therefore, to disparage a whole species for the perceived actions of a subset? Isn't our best option to feel compassion for them, because in so doing we release ourselves and we release them. But as long as we are locked in hatred for them, we are karmically linked.

It can be quite insightful to look at this issue from a species perspective because at the very least I think it sheds light on the human condition.

Consider the question: if Reptilians sustainably harvested us for food — treating us kindly and killing us humanely — would we still see them as civilised? After all, that and far worse is how we treat those who are less powerful than us — the animals — many of whom are sentient, and we still regard ourselves as the only civilised species on this planet!

As a species, we are used to being at the top of the intelligence spectrum. Therefore, all our relations with other species involves a disparity of power and value, with us humans always giving ourselves the top slot. As a consequence, none of our relationships with other species involves any level of diplomacy — diplomacy is only needed for sorting out issues between parties with similar power. As soon as there is a significant power disparity, the stronger party can just dictate terms without the need for diplomacy.

So our inter-species experience is founded on exploitation and abuse: most of us are quite happy to eat, torture (vicariously), wear and just generally dominate those species that we share this Earth with. So when presented with aliens — Reptilians for example — our knee-jerk reaction seems to be to denigrate them to emotionless monsters and dragons without any soul and without any redemption. Do we really know this for sure, or do we have the courage to admit that there might be a lot of projection going on.

This behaviour should come as no surprise as we do this with our fellow humans in order to condone abuse and extermination of them. The Nazis did that to the Jews; the Colonialists did it to the American Indians; the Americans did it to the Vietnamese; the British did it to the East Indians and the Irish; and the Israelis are doing it to the Palestinians. In fact, any and every war or conflict involves dehumanisation of the enemy. What is so sad about this is that it rests on our automatic assumption that it is okay to abuse and torture animals, and therefore if our enemy is no better than an animal, it okay's abuse and torture them.

But dehumanisation is a sword that cuts both ways: in dehumanising our enemies we dehumanise ourselves. Abuse is never one-way in a world that is interconnected on all levels. When we dismiss Reptilians as baby-eating inter-dimensional lizards we thicken our own skin with fear and loathing, and our psychological projections become unconscious. We have experienced the bloody outcome of this process many times in our history, and so should have learnt by now that harbouring discrimination is playing with fire, especially when directed towards a species, which if it really exists outside of our own shadow projection, is far more powerful than us.

Finally, we must not forget that from the animals' point of view, we are the Reptilian monsters who crave their flesh and abuse beautiful souls, often for no other reason than our own sociopathic enjoyment and our murderous appetite. So if we want to expose Reptilians, the first place to look is not in the corridors of human power or on Youtube, but at our own reflection in the mirror. We must each decide what kind of species we want to be a part of before we consider our relationship with other species.

One man who did that back in the early 1940s was Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz who was a prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp. Kupfer-Koberwitz was a writer and wrote an essay titled, Animals, My Brethren. Here is a short excerpt of what he wrote:

I refuse to eat animals because I cannot nourish myself by the sufferings and by the death of other creatures. I refuse to do so, because I suffered so painfully myself that I can feel the pains of others by recalling my own sufferings. I feel happy, nobody persecutes me; why should I persecute other beings or cause them to be persecuted? I feel happy, I am no prisoner, I am free; why should I cause other creatures to be made prisoners and thrown into jail? I feel happy, nobody harms me; why should I harm other creatures or have them harmed? I feel happy, nobody wounds me; nobody kills me; why should I wound or kill other creatures or cause them to be wounded or killed for my pleasure and convenience? Is it not only too natural that I do not inflict on other creatures the same thing which, I hope and fear, will never be inflicted on me? Would it not be most unfair to do such things for no other purpose than for enjoying a trifling physical pleasure at the expense of others' sufferings, others' deaths? These creatures are smaller and more helpless than I am, but can you imagine a reasonable man of noble feelings who would like to base on such a difference a claim or right to abuse the weakness and the smallness of others? Don't you think that it is the duty of those that are larger, stronger, more intelligent and/or more technologically advanced to protect the weaker creatures instead of persecuting them, instead of killing them? 'Noblesse oblige.' I want to act in a noble way"



But what if Reptilians really are inter-dimensional shape-shifting entities? What then?

The trouble with inter-dimensional perspectives is that we interpret them with our familiar worldview. So an inter-dimensional Reptilian is regarded as a normal objective Reptilian but one that can pop up out of nowhere, do evil things, and then disappear or change appearance. We think like this because we have watched too many sci-fi films. The real experience with inter-dimensional entities is that we are closely entangled with them. They are closer to us than the closest embrace. And that makes them tricky to deal with because they are too close for a "clean kill". We cannot just jettison what is interdimensionally a part of us.

From this perspective, all life is a dimensional fractal tangle, and that is what binds us all together. We are separate and yet our roots suck from the same universal source… human, dogs, trees and… yes… inter-dimensional reptilians. We are all branches of the same tree from a higher-dimensional perspective. And for that reason, our actions and thoughts toward ourselves and toward others has repercussions. We cannot vilify another without on some level rejecting a part of ourselves.

Reptilians have technology and intelligence far advanced to our own, so in a standard space-time framework, they could wipe us out very easily. The fact that they don't either means they don't want to… or they can't. And it would probably have something to do with their inter-dimensional nature: they know that we are intimately connected because that is the holographic nature of reality, and so maybe we are just some sort of parasite host that they can feed off energetically, or maybe they are studying us. There are many possible explanations. But they do seem to be keeping to the shadows, for some reason, so much so that most question their existence. In fact, it is very possible that they are more shadow projections of our minds (we all have a reptilian brain). There are many possible explanations, and anyone who is too sure of themselves on this topic probably has a book, lecture tour or documentary to sell.

But assuming Reptilians to be inter-dimensional shape-shifters is not actually very helpful because it makes us more afraid of them and, in our misunderstanding of dimensional space, we tend to be less aware of the psychological projection. The reality is that psychological projection is enormously amplified in an inter-dimensional context, so that we are brought right back to our own prejudices, fears and shadow self. So once again we cannot escape having to work on ourselves, and just projecting fear and hatred onto them is counterproductive. Love really is the answer, but it must be an authentic inclusive love. For what we put out of our hearts can end up destroying us on the deepest levels.