Sun Activity
21 Apr 2009

A NEW ARTICLE on the BBC website [] claims that sun activity is the lowest it has been for many decades: solar wind pressure has hit a 50-year low, radio emissions a 55-year low, and sunspot activity a 100-year low. In fact, the article claims that sun is the dimmest it has been for nearly a century.

And yet, if you watched Nassim Haramein's lectures which are on Youtue, you would be under the impression that the sun's activity was alarmingly increasing and that it has even started to pulse with energy, which Haramein puts in the context as the final run up to 2012 or the Mayan Birth of the Sixth Sun.

Of course, Haramein's online lectures are now 6 years old, but there is currently a lot of interest in it in the New Age community, and many of us see it as proof that some remarkable cosmic transformation is taking place.

Is the quiet phase we are now experiencing the quiet before the storm? Or is this new solar data disinformation put out by the owners (the Vatican) of the Soho satellite which collects this data in order to hide something remarkable going on? (Is it not easier to fake 'quiet' data than 'noisy' data?) Or are New Age / New Consciousness people just trying to read to much into scientific data for their own non-scientific ends?

If the data is correct, and I personally don't doubt it at this stage, then this may negate the claims some are making that global warming is due to the Sun heating up rather than CO2 emissions, which is why they claim it is a pan-solar system phenomenon. Or could it be that global warming may now start reversing? (Some might argue that the sun may be intelligently cooling off a bit to save his/her planetary inhabitants… or perhaps those inhabitants has psychically cooled the sun as life wants to survive.)

It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few years during the final buildup to 2012.