Swine Flu Deaths
09 Jan 2011

RECENTLY IN THE UK, flu deaths hit 50!! Each death now is covered individually in the newspapers, causing mass panic and over-reaction. Stock piles of vaccine have been depleted and more are on order. Most of these 50 are being attributed to the dreaded Swine Flu or H1N1.

But hold on a minute. In a population of 60 million, these figures are tiny. Why has this been turned into an "epidemic" by the mainstream media? After all, in 2009, the year of the Swine Flu pandemic, the 31 flu deaths (not all of which were Swine Flu) accounted for just 0.04% of respiratory causes of death alone in the UK. How many people, by contrast, die from correctly prescribed medical prescription drugs? That figure must run into the tens of thousands for the UK alone, and the hundreds of thousands in the United States. And yet these deaths are not covered by our mainstream media. They have no interest in damaging the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry; rather, the mainstream media exaggerates the dangers of flu in order to boost the profits of the vaccine multinationals, which their owners no doubt have financial interests in.

So the mainstream media is a propaganda machine for Big Business (this is nothing new), and the irony is that we are all quite happy to buy the primary device by which this propaganda is streamed into our homes — televisions.

We sit for hours in front of these devices, after which we go out in the world and have this strange urge to buy, buy, buy, most of it on credit. We are programmed to link happiness with consumption, health with medication, status with wealth, a good time with alcohol, and coolness with fast food and fashion. All which just so happen to be in the interest of Big Business.

The mainstream media is the means by which populations are controlled and manipulated. Unplug from it, and at first you feel empty and restless, like any addict going cold-turkey. You feel disconnected, alone, out of it, a social pariah. You have become the exiled one because you have dared to unplug, and suddenly you don't have a lot in common with most of your friends. After all, you have little to discuss now you don't watch the soaps and what the media bosses choose to be "news".

But after a few weeks of this withdrawal you strangely start to feel an inner contentment not linked to consumption, possessions, friends, status etc. A genuine and real contentment.

The "system" no longer supplies you with your fixes, and you start to see it for what it is — a vast machine which manipulates people into serving its own interests. This is all very obvious, but only if you are outside that system. The slaves within the system will never know they are slaves, because they have token freedoms which are no freedoms at all. They can choose which model of computer or car to buy; they can choose which clothes to wear (to express their remarkable non-individuality); they can choose which medication to buy; they can choose which fast-food outlet to visit; they can choose when to flip the channels on their propaganda screens. What choice!

But can they choose to have no fear when a few people die of flu because they are able to put it into an intelligent perspective? Can they choose to ignore those screaming headlines that urge immediate flu vaccination using vaccines whose safety has never been established and which contain some virulent poisons and contaminants? Of course not. That would be a choice too far!