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Kishori Aird's Guide to DNA Reprogramming and Reactivation

Mar 2008
A review of Kishori Aird's books DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice which describe her protocols for reprogramming our DNA.

MODERN SCIENCE tells us that the blueprint for our lives is found in our genes or DNA. And it is this molecular sequence that determines the type of bodies we have, diseases we have a propensity for, and even our general pattern of emotions and thinking. First discovered in the 1950s, genes and genetic engineering become buzzwords at the end of the 20th Century, promising a Utopian future of perfect health, longer lives, nutritionally enhanced foods and individually tailored pharmaceuticals.

Of course, genetics is not the whole story. Our environment has an impact on us as well — the two influences forming the old "nature vs nurture" dilemma. Genetics is internal to our being, traditionally regarded as an immutable chemical blueprint in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) found in the heart of each of our cells. Environmental influences, on the other hand, are external to our being. We can change environmental influences — we can eat differently, change our job, move home — but until gene technology came onto the scene, it has always been believed that we cannot change the internal genetic influences. (Those with genetic diseases were basically regarded as incurable.) The question has always been how much a particular biological characteristic is determined by our genes — and therefore something we just have to accept because it cannot be changed — and how much is determined by our environment — and therefore something we can potentially change.

With the advent of gene technologies, modern medicine showed us how we will soon be able to change the genetic material by artificially inserting genes into our DNA so that the instructions read differently. Already, rudimentary genetic manipulation is possible. The problem with this technology, however, is two-fold: the genetic code forms a complex system rather than a passive and logical memory bank, and so the insertion of new genetic code is fraught with unexpected outcomes and dangers (why monkey around with the product of billions of years of evolution using a technology that is just a couple of decades old); and secondly, it is extremely short-sighted to leave our biological heritage and integrity in the hands of commercial enterprises, whose bottom-line interest is their own short-term profit rather than the future of the human race.

This orthodox perspective of genetics as a fixed and complete blueprint is starting to give way to a new perspective in which our genetic blueprint is much more malleable than was previously believed. What researchers are finding is that the environment can literally change our genetic code, changing the expression of our genes. Diet, for example, can certainly change genetic expression, something just a decade or two ago would have been considered impossible. Not only that, but there are also inherited characteristics that do not involve the DNA at all, so called epigenetics. As it is now common knowledge that the mind affects our bodies (for example, in psychoneuroimmunology) then it is not such a leap of imagination to assert that the mind has some effect on the expression of our DNA. So whilst a trillion-dollar technology is needed to change our genetic coding, might it be possible that we can make similar or even more profound changes using "just" our minds?

Kishori Aird is a medical intuitive who lives in Canada. She originally trained as a naturopath and but her interests soon moved in the direction of applied kinesiology and mind reprogramming techniques. In 1993, Aird read Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, a channeled manuscript in which Marciniak mentions the humankind have unused genetic programs, and that now was the time to activate these programs. With her expertise in mind/body reprogramming techniques, Aird decided to develop a system of diagnostic techniques and protocols that could somehow reprogram our DNA and activate dormant parts of our genetic heritage. In this way, she would be formalizing a method for using the mind to alter our DNA.

The result of this research, the protocols developed and testimonies to their success are written up in Aird's books: DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice. Together, these books offer readers practical methods to reprogram their own DNA. In words of Aird, "The scientific community does not have sole authority over the human genome... I felt that humanity needed to regain control of its DNA."

There are three central aspects or components to Aird's reprogramming system that, together, form a powerful synergy. The first is the ability to diagnose the states of our genetic systems which generally involves applied kinesiology muscle testing (self testing using finger strength) or the use of a pendulum. The second is the power of intention — spoken out loud and with conviction. And the third is the protocol or recipe for directing that intention. So intention is the fuel or energy used for genetic programming; the protocol is the engine that directs that energy to do useful work (reprogramming the DNA); and kinesiology is the "microscope" for determining whether the process is successful or indeed whether it is needed in the first place.

Like others in the New Age / New Consciousness community, Aird believes that instead of the normal double helix structure of DNA, there are actually 10 more etheric helices that are mostly dormant (she claims a few children have recently been born with triple helix DNA, but the author can find no actual evidence for this). This makes a total of 12 helices, to which Aird adds a 13th helix, "a sort of envelope, shaped like an '8', superimposed over the first 12 helices." Aird also believes that we have 13 chakras (central energy points in the body) and that there is a link between our 13 chakras and our 13 DNA helices, with each helix corresponding in function to its corresponding chakra. The purpose of her DNA reprogramming techniques or protocols is not only to reprogram our normal double helix, but also to activate the dormant helices so that humankind can fully realize its genetic heritage which corresponds to it realizing its spiritual heritage.

Each protocol she presents in her two books (she presents 31 protocols in total) has a unique and specific purpose, and follows a similar three stage process. The first is the testing stage where we use kinesiology to find exactly which DNA strands and/or which locations on these strands need to be reprogrammed. The second stage is to issue the command/intention for the reprogramming to take place at these locations. (Russian scientists have shown that DNA responds to language which is why it is important to verbalize the process.) And the third stage is a "sign off" process whereby the changes are confirmed and sealed. By working through the protocols presented in Aird's books, we are able to completely reprogram our genetic blueprint, both on the physical and etheric levels.

One main obstacle to this whole reprogramming process is our beliefs about what is possible and what is not possible. Each person who uses them will find a limit to their effectiveness, and that limit will be set by his or her individual belief systems. However, the protocols are presented in a specific order that gradually opens us up to more and more possibility. In fact, once Aird's two volumes DNA Demystified and DNA And The Quantum Choice have been not only read but practiced, what we individually believe to be possible and impossible with regards to changing our genetics will have been severely challenged, to the point whereby we will be making groundbreaking changes despite any residues of doubt and fear.

The other main obstacle is try to be completely positive without acknowledging our fears and doubts. By doing this, those fears and doubts go underground into the subconscious, and they can end up sabotaging our efforts because they have remained unexpressed. "Intent, in order to work, needs to be like a magnet. That means involving two poles," Aird writes. "In the third dimension, it is imperative that we channel negative energy because it carries unsuspected strength." It is far better to acknowledge those fears and doubts straight up and use that energy to propel us towards our goals than it is to have that energy, unexpressed, oppose those goals. This is why Aird insists that any statement for a particular outcome must contain with it any doubts that we might have. We affirm a particular outcome we must add out doubts by including the statement, "even if..."  This way we give voice to our saboteur, rather than allowing it to take root in our subconscious by ignoring it. So an affirmation far more effective than, for example, "I choose to create my own reality" might be "I choose to create my own reality even if I do not know how," or "I choose to create my own reality even if I doubt this is possible." This way, our doubts are acknowledged which prevents them secretly sabotaging our initial intention.

This expression of the negative counterpoint to our positive desired outcome produces an energetic state that Aird defines as the "zero point". She describes it as the place "beyond duality" where "a magnetic experience occurs in which positive and negative poles are simultaneously present." As a result, at this zero point our intentions become far more powerful because there is no unconscious self-sabotage by negative thinking because it is freely honoured and respected. For this reason, all Aird's protocols begin with the affirmation "I choose to be at zero point even if I don't know how," because it prevents this self-sabotage and makes the affirmation far more effective. This is most graphically illustrated by the following command structure she gives in her second book: "By the power vested in me, by my fear and my doubts, I command… " This is a very powerful statement.

Many people have a more passive perspective with regards to these sorts of fundamental etheric and genetic changes, believing that we need to surrender to the universe. But as Aird states in her second book, "The universe is not asking us to surrender, but to choose!" Too many people today give away their power because they feel it is somehow spiritual to be powerless. It most definitely is not! We are hard-wired to make quantum choices, and those choices affect the reality that we create and therefore experience. So, regardless of whether we pretend that we are humbly taking a back-seat, we are actually 100% responsible for the direction we are going. This is why Aird uses the terminology "I command… " for the intention part of her protocols, for when we command in this way we are fully acknowledging our power to create the outcome we desire.

Apart from the criticism that Aird's whole system is pure fantasy — all in her head — something that can only be ruled out by practically trying it out for ourselves, Aird does appear also to confuse quantum theory with reality, rather than seeing it as an empowering paradigm that places consciousness in a central role of the reality creation process, and therefore one that is effective to use. But this does not really matter as the quantum paradigm, whether understood for what it is or confused with reality, serves its purpose to empower choice. Another criticism might be that Aird uses a relatively linear and logical process in her protocols to change what is a complex and holistic system — our genetic encoding. This systematic approach will appeal to some but certainly not all.

Once we work on ourselves by reprogramming and reactivating our DNA, where does this take us? "The ultimate destiny of women and men is ascension," Aird writes. And it is ultimately this ascension that all this reprogramming is preparing us for. As we awaken all 13 of our helix DNA, our body gradually turns to light as it ascends cell by cell and organ by organ. This process is believed to complete in 2012 for those who are undertaking it, for at this time the planet undergoes a global dimension shift. So Aird's books are really nothing less than practical ascension manuals.


You can purchase both of Kishori Aird's DNA reprogramming books at www.kishori.org