Same As Us
20 Feb 2011

THERE IS ONE THING I would like to add about the global elite. Whilst it is very easy to see them as a species apart, we must always remind ourselves that 'they' are the same as 'us'. 'They' carry the same nervous system that is responding to the same awakening as we do. In fact, there is no 'them' and 'us' — we are the same. Both 'them' and 'us' love to think that the other is evil or sub-human, anything to draw a nice neat line and justify vilification and/or extermination of the other.

The Bilderberg group is waking up too; their consciousness is changing too. And whilst it is true that they seem to be resisting this change at the moment as their plans seem to be getting more controlling and final, we must never forget that the they will soon awaken too, and when that happens the edifice they have built to control will be co-opted for higher purposes. [This idea that the control systems being put into place will eventually be used for a higher purpose, a purpose they were not originally created for, originally came from my friend Faith… please write it up sometime Faith!]

We are one family and we are on a collision course with something far bigger than the Bilderbergs. When I think of this I am reminded of picture of Earth that Voyager 1 took as it looked back at the edge of the solar system. From this far away the Earth is just a tiny blue dot. All the evil in this world, all the Bilderberg bullshit and hunger for power is all happening on that little blue dot floating in the vastness of space. [Carl Sagan wrote beautifully from this perspective - click here.]

blue dot

[You can just make out a pale blue dot to the right of the middle of the photo — it is the Earth lit up in a ray of sunshine.]

I look at this photo when I feel despair over the enormous control some humans have over our lives, for in an instant I realize how insignificant the whole human race is in the grand order of things.