Breaking Free from Big Brother
18 Feb 2017

Big Brother is intimidating, but only if you are caught in an objective world where consciousness is merely an addon or illusion. Put consciousness back into the heart of reality and an external controller is no longer a problem.

WE LIVE IN A SURVEILLANCE STATE where our every communication, choice, interest, purchase and movement is logged by intelligence organisations and corporations. So much information is being collected on each of us that, in conjunction with modern computer processing, an accurate extrapolation of even our thinking, psychology and most probable future choices and actions can now be made, potentially allowing individuals to be detained before they break laws. It would seem that Orwell's "thought crime" has become a reality.

When those in authority think nothing of abusing their power and acting in authoritarian and Orwellian ways (and let’s face it, even Western “democratic” governments abuse power big time, as the people are starting to realise), then it can become dangerous in a surveillance state to go against the official economic and political narrative. In other words, surveillance facilitates the erosion of democracy by allowing those in authority to more effectively censor and silence those who question and oppose them.

This intimidation by Big Brother to keep us in line is facilitated by our natural psychological tendency not to stand out from the crowd. This may seem to contradict the pervading fixation on fame and individuality, but these are just alternative expressions of conformity, this time to the ideals of society rather than to society itself. This desire to be "different" is soon dropped when admiration is replaced by social rejection.

The fact is that very few of us are comfortable stepping out on a limb because inbuilt fear of social rejection is so strong… so deeply ingrained in our psychology. This is why the oxygen of true individuality is actually privacy. True individuality is like a seed that needs to be planted, out of sight, in the dark loam of privacy in order for it to germinate and sprout. Without darkness, the seed has no future. And it is the same in human society. Without privacy we remain as sterile seeds that are easy for governments and corporations to use for their own ends.

This is why individuality and expression are rare in surveillance states… why the people of those countries are so uniformly bland. Their individuality has never had a chance to develop. (Please note that having an interesting Facebook page is not necessarily evidence of individuality.)

For it is when we feel hidden from the judgemental eye of society, when we feel free from rejection by others, that we feel safe enough to express and develop our individuality. But by eroding privacy, psychological conformity is enforced in all but the hardiest (and craziest) of individuals. (True outsiders may also fear social rejection, but they will not allow that to stop them being from being true to themselves and expressing their inner rhythms rather than those imposed from without by society. These individuals are the scourge of surveillance states.)

So in a world in which we feel so closely monitored and scrutinised, more of us fall into line, afraid to stand out from the crowd. We are intimidated, from within and without into acting politically and socially correct, losing much of our authenticity, spontaneity and compassion in the process. (Losing compassion in this way is evidenced by the human and animal cruelty so evident in surveillance states.)

In this oppressive glare of mass surveillance, we are more likely to try to toe the official government line as "good citizens" because not only do we know we are being watched and judged, but there can be real ramifications to falling short of expectation as the legal system starts to group outsiders with terrorists. (It is not only terrorism laws that are being used to stifle non-conformity, but also offence laws — there is always someone who is going to be deeply offended by our individuality!)

Of course mass surveillance is only intimidating if you know about it. This is why those agencies that are spying on us are very likely, at the highest levels, to have sanctioned the whistle-blowing that uncovered their nefarious activities. They know that the real power of mass surveillance in keeping people in line is through intimidation, and that there is no intimidation when absolute secrecy is maintained. Edward Snowden, for instance, was undoubtedly a brave hero, but he was probably a pawn in a larger game of social control. (It is a dangerous game for those in authority to play as, although the awareness of mass-surveillance deepens control, it also exposes surveillance to democratic rejection. However, the powers-to-be probably believe that democracy has eroded to a point where the intelligence services can just do what they want whilst the people are too busy watching talent shows to object to the infringement on their basic freedoms.)

The ignorant repeatedly parrot the phrase — "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" — without any understanding of human psychology or how corrupt and abusive ALL governments are, even those that masquerade as global guardians of freedom, liberty and democracy… in fact, especially those! If we have nothing to hide, it does NOT follow that we therefore have nothing to fear. The fact is that we should ALWAYS be wary of both erosions in privacy (which as we have seen naturally lead to more conformity) and the inevitable corruption of power. Public surveillance is undoubtedly a massive power-grab, and so there is no doubt that it is leading to a huge hike in government and corporate corruption. This corruption can only be counterbalanced by transparency, but transparency is usually rejected on "security" grounds, and those whistleblowing organisations and individuals that enforce transparency are labelled "terrorists".

We have witnessed this corruption again and again in our politicians and corporate leaders and systems, and yet, most of us still hold the naive view that this corruption is not endemic or that it does not really matter or affect us. We desperately cling to the friendly, avuncular face of Big Brother because we are too afraid to acknowledge the reality of Orwell's dystopia. "I have nothing to hide," we console ourselves. "Let Big Brother watch me as much as he likes… I will be happily getting on with my life, staying on the right side of the law." And this is the big lie: that the good citizen has nothing to fear. For the very definition of what it is to be a "good citizen" is constantly shifting towards passive acceptance of totalitarian government.

This endemic corruption, that is constantly redefining the definition of the "good citizen" for its own purposes, does everything it can to erode the democratic system, removing the checks and balances that block its ambitions. One of the primary ways it does this is by allowing those with large amounts of money (large corporations and billionaires) to undemocratically influence the legislative system with full-time lobbyists and bribes. The result is a society that steadily and legally creeps towards totalitarianism, whilst its naive citizens are distracted by the vacuous mainstream media owned by the very same people who most profit from us being distracted.

The unfortunate fact is that a society set up as a free democracy is not the ideal environment in which the military-industrial complex can really flourish, because things like human rights, workers' rights, consumer rights, freedom of speech, healthcare etc., throw too many spanners in the works. The needs of ordinary people get in the way of rabid profiteering and corporate/elite agendas. Ideally, the elite would prefer (and are rapidly developing) a society of robots who clinically execute their designated roles, rather than messy human beings for whom work is merely one part of their living agenda, and not usually the leading one.

In this scenario, ordinary people become the enemy, not necessarily by their specific actions, but through their democratic power, human needs and agendas, and of course through their sheer numbers. This is why governments and corporations watch the people so closely (and let them know they are being monitored): ordinary people like you and me represent a serious threat to their plans. So surveillance is their method of intimidating people into being compliant citizens, and identifying key individuals and organisations in society that most threaten their agendas. And they will certainly neutralise usurpers' efforts in various legal and illegal ways — even lethally if necessary.

So surveillance is primarily to do with the security of the elite that parasite off society, using the cover of counter-terrorism to wage a totalitarian agenda on the general public. These elite are the ones behind the current global banking system, and they decide how humanity moves forward by how they assign wealth (much of which is syphoned off through taxation and corporate profits). Their goal is not a peaceful world — for peace is not profitable — but a highly regulated world where democracy is a distant memory and the people virtual slaves to a system that uses them for its own ends.

In this world, freedom has become the freedom of which channel on TV to watch, who or what to be offended by, or which puppet to vote for — in other words — we are increasingly allowed only meaningless choices. We have no say, for example, in the distribution of wealth, in accountability of our governments and NGOs, and in accountability of corporations, the military and universities, and the choice and use of the technologies that they produce. We also have no choice in the ethics of our collective treatment of animals, in how much data the government and corporations should be allowed to collect on the general public, and in what the data will be used for. These are just a few of the choices that the public in the freest democratic societies around the world do not actually have because the good citizen universally cannot be trusted to act outside their own interests and in favour of the agendas of the elite, despite the heavy propaganda campaigns waged by the mass media.

So, as much as possible, important decisions are made for us because these issues are considered far too central to the interests of the elite for them to risk allowing ordinary people, like you and I, to have our opinion on these topics actually matter. And in democracies, where society is ostensibly meant to go in the direction that the people decide it should go, this necessitates secrecy and manipulation. And when that secrecy is publicly highlighted, it is justified under the banner of "national security", "corporate secrecy", "privacy laws" and "legal non-disclosure", although increasingly no excuses are given at all and requests for justification and freedom-of-information applications are met with a wall of silence. It unfortunately seems we are getting conditioned to living with increasingly unaccountable government, and our politicians feel little compunction to justify undemocratic behaviour because they are not held to account by mass protest.

Every now and then the people are thrown a real democracy bone, but only when the results of any vote are considered to be already in the bag. It is a dangerous ploy by those who control society to maintain the illusion of democracy, all the while doing everything they can, including orchestrating mass-media support, in order to get the result that they want. This is unfortunately how the game of modern democracy is played.

For example, the only reason the British people were given a vote on membership to the EU was because the government at the time believed that a “remain” vote would be a foreseen conclusion — that the people would easily succumb to the scare tactics of the mass-media, which painted every dire picture it could of what would happen to a nation that broke away from the EU. But the vote tipped unexpectedly towards Brexit, and a national choice was made that will have massive ramifications. This is real democracy in action, and it was undoubtedly a serious mistake by the establishment as the voting did not go according to plan. As a result, there has been a lot of attempted backpedalling as the establishment and those loyal to its agendas have tried to derail Brexit through legal challenges.

It was amusing that Prime Minister David Cameron blamed "populism" for the shocking result over which he resigned, implying a lack of intelligence in the common people! Democracy after all is populism! This is the contempt with which most democratic governments now hold ordinary voters and taxpayers.

The same, of course, applies to the recent US Presidential Election, where Clinton who was backed by the establishment and the bulk of the mass-media, lost to a wave of populist voters looking for change, voters which she labelled as the “basket of deplorables”, “irredeemable” and “not American”. Whether Trump actually delivers that change or will be allowed to deliver change is quite another matter. Policy promises that get politicians elected are often discarded once they achieve their objective because, in reality, the balance of power is not in the political process but rather in held by those who head the banking, corporate, military and intelligence institutions. So although the people might elect who they think is an outsider, someone strong enough and independent enough to resist the momentum of globalism dragging us towards totalitarianism, in reality that person and their party at best have their hands tied, and at worst are political puppets consciously acting out the democratic sham.

The fact is that the elite abhor the democratic process because it can upset their globalist agendas. Globalism may destroy cultures, but it makes a much better business model as corporations get access to cheap labour and larger consumer bases. When your focus is big money, things like nationalism, culture and community go out of the window because they only put breaks on globalism. It is a fact that a fragmented society of cheap labour is the military-industrial complex’s wet dream. It represents the wholesale subjugation of the human race to the agenda of the ruling elite.

But nationalism nowadays is a dirty word associated with far right Neo-Nazi politics, so that any hint of protecting the nation and its values (including, I might add, freedom and tolerance) is dismissed. This is just political correctness handed down by those who profit from the destruction of nationalism — the elite — whose long-term plan is a one-world government ruling a people too fragmented, traumatised and disorganised to oppose the globalist agendas.

This is not to say, of course, that nationalism does not have a dark side: dangerous Neo-Nazi political organisations do exist! It is just that ordinary “healthy” nationalism, the kind that stands in the way of toxic globalism, is now being increasingly categorised as “extreme” by those brainwashed by the modern educational system and mass-media. It is a taxonomic convenience that facilitates the easy evisceration of values that, until relatively recently, were considered healthy and important for a civilised society. [I would like to say at this point that I personally have never liked nationalism of any kind, but I am aware that it offers perhaps the only real brake on globalism.]

So woe betide if you love your country, your community and/or your culture: you will be grouped together with all right-wing neo-nazis, and you will be vilified as part of the problem rather than part of the solution. You are from “the basket of deplorables” and if shame does not silence you then social justice warriors will certainly try more direct means. This is the insanity of this modern world where those who stand up for freedom and tolerance in society are now the ones pushing for ideological slavery.

And central to this globalist agenda, which involves the erosion of accountability and the obscuration of the political process, is extensive public surveillance. It provides the perfect means to both intimidate society into obedience and identify the disobedient before they can do too much damage to the agenda. This provides an environment in which society will inevitably continue its slide into totalitarianism.

Many now realise that this monitoring and control of the general public extends orders of magnitude further as governments use covert geoengineering, nanotech, chemical and EM frequency programs to directly control environments and minds directly. It sounds like a science fiction dystopia, but those who are willing to look at the evidence will see that there is unfortunately compelling indeed. An unprecedented centralisation of power and control is taking place like nothing so far in history as we know it.

If we believe that we live in a material universe, blindly following the laws of physics, then we most likely need to concede defeat. From that perspective, although we do represent a threat by our sheer numbers, the elite's control over our minds, indirectly through the mass media, social networks and entertainment, and directly through nervous system altering technologies, means that we will never have even the imagination to oppose the tyrannies of government. You just have to witness the raucous glee with which the majority vote for even the most corrupt and psychopathic politicians to see that reason and empathy are overshadowed by other influences. We are democracies in name only because we seem to repeatedly make choices that are not actually in our interest.

For readers more conventionally minded, it is better to stop here. For I am going to be introducing perspectives that go beyond the conventional mindset. If you do stop here because of a materialist outlook, then your best hope is to support any means by which abuses of power can be brought to the public attention. Organisations like Wikileaks and Anonymous, and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Bill Binney, are absolutely essential for this process, and it is vital that they are supported. They really are the last bastions of democracy. From this perspective, pushing for transparency is our only hope to bring about accountability. Forget government lies that these organisations are endangering nations: what is at stake is our very freedom and democracy. Follow the government line and vilify these organisations, and you are hastening the arrival of totalitarianism, period.


*          *          *


If you are open-minded enough to go beyond the material, then there is an additional and perhaps more effective way out of this nightmare, and that is through consciousness.

Consciousness is more fundamental than physical matter, for it is consciousness that mediates every interaction we can have with physical matter. In fact, the very idea of a material universe can only exist within consciousness. And yet many in the hard sciences, and those in normal society that they have indoctrinated, strangely believe that one can somehow extract consciousness from reality to leave a clean objective universe. However, this dessicated fabrication of reality is merely an expression of faith in a universe that can be comprehensively and completely modelled mathematically. For if the reality of consciousness was ever acknowledged, outside of being merely a ghostly epiphenomenon of matter, all scientific research would be called into question due to a new non-mathematical variable being present in all experimental setups. If objectivity goes out the window, then science would feel lost in a Maelstrom of subjectivity. (In reality, it would survive because subjectivity can be quite consistent and structured, depending on the weight and prevalence of the beliefs involved, which is why scientific laws and constants could still have a good level of consistency in a subjective world.)

Whilst this schizoid dismissal of consciousness has managed to pervade over two hundred years of classical physics, the arrival of quantum physics brought this worldview into question due to its incompatibility with materialism. Suddenly, models of reality were demanding a role for consciousness.

Although quantum physics itself is just a mathematical model of reality that just so happens to give the right answers, the quantum paradoxes only actually arise when we try to make philosophical sense of quantum experience from the normal space-time-causal perspective — from the perspective of everyday materialism. Bringing consciousness into the mix is the primary way to reduce the paradoxes, indicating that it is likely that this interpretation of QM has some validity. (Note there are other philosophical interpretations of QM that try to resolve the paradoxes without consciousness. It would seem that some of us are just unable to accept the fundamental reality of consciousness.)

From the QM perspective, human beings are like quantum particles going about their daily affairs. Mass surveillance, on the other hand, is the quantum measurement that removes the potentiality (superposition) of the particles (people) and defines them in time and space. In this way, mass surveillance could be regarded as a form of quantum control, keeping the people from expressing the unexpected and preventing them reaching their full potential.

This quantum perspective highlights the importance of privacy… for it is only in privacy that we can reach and maintain our full potential — what would be called "superposition" if we are a particle. This is why the most effective methods of change involve empty or blind "inner work" like meditation, prayer or just plain old inner focus, which consciously leaves the outcome to a higher power or process.

However, we live in an era of "control" (the age of the ego) where we do everything we can to force the outcome, which paradoxically limits the possibility. We refuse to live in superposition — in quantum uncertainty — because many of us have dismissed the possibility of a higher power or process, and instead we allow ourselves to be infinitely distracted by the shiny illusion of an external objective reality. Even those who think they believe in a higher power or process do not actually have much faith in its influence because they leave so little room for miracles in their objective outlook. Objectivity really is pernicious… it seeps into every aspect of our lives so that, in the end, we become robots.

Now I am not necessarily making the case for believing in God. But it is important to have the faith to consciously leave outcomes open — to believe in much more than a mechanical universe. In throwing out God in favour of a dead, consciousness-free model with no chance of transcendence, scientific realism has done us no favours. Sure, the God of the old religions often reflects the low level of consciousness of those who originally formulated those belief systems as a means of interpreting our incredible consciousness-centric reality, but imposing a sterile cleansed material reality in its place does nothing to raise that level of consciousness. Fortunately, new consciousness-centric paradigms that dovetail into science as we know it are starting to surface, although there is still great resistance to

As long as we believe in ridiculously outdated concepts of God, believing we know His or Her will, or equally in a sterile material universe that blindly follows its own course as it winds down entropically, we are doomed as a species. We must wake up from these debilitating fantasies if we are to have any future. Fortunately, a small but growing number of aware people are starting to consciously hold quantum superposition, so that the time of Big Brother intimidation is coming to an end. They are not allowing the surveillance-state to close them down, and instead move forward fearlessly in the knowledge that the whole conscious universe is there to break open the prison doors. All it takes is the true faith in power and process orders of magnitude greater than the enslaving ones that we face, and the understanding that we can directly participate in that process of emancipation.

From this perspective, it is entirely counterproductive to hit back at Big Brother. Instead, our love for freedom in this conscious universe must be our central focus. As long as we feel intimidated by Big Brother, we are coming from (and in the process re-enforcing) a limited space-time framework which is actually our real jail. In that framework, we are the victims of shady characters that are building a New World Order to enslave us. But that dystopia only exists from a material space-time perspective. Realise consciousness as the foundation and that dystopia soon collapses.

Of course, if you add consciousness into the mix superficially, the dystopia will continue. This is because the full implications of consciousness and its central role in reality is not being appreciated when it is added to a material reality as a "bolt-on" — one that mysteriously arises when mechanical information processing systems reach a certain level of complexity. This is the pseudo-consciousness-centric perspective. But when we truly realise that consciousness is right at the heart of… everything… then we realise that nothing can impose its will on us from the outside because everything is inside awareness. We become intimately connected and involved with everything that happens to us, and those that spy on us just become another aspect of our own consciousness, one that we can certainly affect if we wish to.

And how do we affect consciousness? Primarily by realising that we can change our minds about "things" that appear "objective", and in changing our minds we change those "things". Some may dismiss it as "magical thinking" but those individuals are the ones most caught up in the objective lie.

So many of us have felt powerless and intimidated in the face of the mass public surveillance that is taking place. But upon further examination, we only actually feel intimidated within this scenario when we are coming from a material "objective" perspective. If we change that perspective to one in which we are also participating at some level in the surveillance (because we are aware of it) then all of a sudden that surveillance is not intimidating. We can change Big Brother because he is, from a consciousness perspective, our own creation. But we cannot change him if we hold a materialist perspective… if he is regarded as outside of us.

What does it actually mean to change an "external" system? Is this just armchair philosophy? Well not so according to collective studies that show the effects of consciousness on matter. Dean Radin has probably presented some of the best scientific information on how consciousness affects matter. And what we must always remember is that, even if the effect is very small but statistically significant, then it is still a game-changer. It means that consciousness is much more than just an aberrant illusion associated with complex information-processing systems… it has to be right at the heart of reality. In other words, that particular philosophical interpretation of QM is likely to be a more accurate one than interpretations that (to be frank) try to eliminate consciousness from the equation.

The real question is, therefore, how much we can actually change Big Brother and the elite control of humanity if we embrace the central role of consciousness which ontologically invalidates mass-surveillance. That nobody yet knows because we live in a society that encourages objective consciousness at every turn, and so only the very few who have a truly consciousness-centric perspective will know the power of the mind in modifying macro-reality.

Most people who think they have a consciousness-centric perspective actually have the pseudo-consciousness-centric perspective mentioned earlier. What they are doing is elevating consciousness, but within a material framework. In other words, there is no quantum superposition associated with their worldview because it has been objectively cleansed. So it is not enough to realise that consciousness mediates reality if that reality we have in mind is objective. In other words, dualism does not work with consciousness and how it affects reality. We have to realise that consciousness "is" reality and reality "is" consciousness — there is no "objective reality" out there that consciousness is somehow monitoring — and that realisation is where ultimate conscious co-creation actually comes from.

And it is that realisation — of the living or subjective nature of experience — that ultimately will destroy those who wish to control humanity. For that control rests on the illusion of implied objectivity. As long as we champion an objective reality, we will never be free.


*          *          *


How do we loosen the grip of objectivity? It is not easy when we have spent a lifetime practising objectivity, so that even what we refer to as subjectivity is just unacknowledged objectivity. We are addicted to materialism, and that addiction binds us into helplessness. We can play the game of material revolution, but as long as the chains are perceived as external, the outcome is illusory. The freedom gained becomes just another jail for consciousness, and the process repeats itself ad nauseam with different names and faces. Its a merry-go-round of delusion.

Central to this delusion is language itself, the process by which the mind cuts up reality in bite-sized symbolic chunks for the purposes of control and communication. In fact, the whole objective addiction is based upon and reinforced by the language that we speak, with language becoming, as we leave infancy behind, the map through which we see ourselves and the world. And if it is not on the map… well… it does not exist by definition!

That is why freedom must come from a type of internal focus that no longer finds an endless fascination with the “official narrative” of life. It must come from inside, away from the distortion of the objectifying process. All the great men and women who found true freedom trod this path. The path is often called a "spiritual path" although that is a misnomer as the vast majority of people following it never manage to free themselves from objectivity. Only very few have managed to look beyond that veil, directly to the scintillating foundation of holistic experience that is shockingly indescribable. And a few of those who have tasted delicious grandeur of direct consciousness have become spiritual masters, although their teachings have then been dangerously distorted by their less enlightened students.

Scoffers will scoff at this — but scoffers are just particular characters in the movie of materialism that play out mindlessly on the world stage. Mindlessness for mindless people. If you really want to find freedom, to get past the swirl of colour, sound and textures that flesh out the Earthly life, then learn to turn away from the dazzle… and find stillness inside. Silence, stillness, emptiness and anonymity may seem boring and pointless — at first. But practice them enough and you will find that they provide the only means to turn off objective reality and experience our true heritage of direct consciousness. And in that process we become wise.

But as long as we spend our lives practising objectivity by remaining plugged into the system — a system that programs us at every level — then even with the best will in the world, the most we can ever hope for is pseudo-awakening to our innate freedom.

And as we awaken to the reality of the supremacy of consciousness, we really start to see how we have been spoon-fed a worldview since we were infants in order to integrate us into an unconscious life of slavery.

Public surveillance can only affect us when we think we are cogs in an objective system. Only then can it intimidate. By stepping back into our own consciousness, we come to realise that this type of intimidation is a last-ditch attempt by those who try to control us to maintain the objective narrative that enslaves us. Surveillance helps to collapse the wave-function to give the greatest proximity to materialism. And as we have seen, it is the mindset of materialism that bars us from flying free.

Of course, if consciousness was not the bedrock of reality, then the assumption that it is would be equally disempowering as a false assumption of objectivity, in this case locking people into passive denial of a Big Brother society. So everything hinges on the role of consciousness in reality. And the intelligent money seems to be on consciousness playing a central role, which means that loosening the objective grip is actually the greatest and most empowering revolutionary act that we can do.

So next time you go through airport security, or get a pat down by some police officer, remember that, at heart, you are pure consciousness that can never be intimidated, violated or controlled, and allow that awareness to hollow out the narrative of mass-surveillance and Big Brother consciousness. Know that you are ultimately always safe because you are not a thing. And know that the heart is the greatest catalyst for change because it is the heart that dispels the separation of experience into things.

"Thinginess" is the lie of this age, the enslaving mindset that is reinforced right across the spectrum of society and beliefs without most people even realising. Even the freedom fighters fight for their freedom within this mindset, and then wonder why the insanity continues unabated, pressing ever harder into the objective mindset to try to get more traction for the release. But that release remains ever elusive, a siren call from the rocks of materialism.

Freedom comes from seeing reality as it is, not fantasising about some objective reality that somehow is separate from the consciousness that gives it birth. Indeed, the very word reality should not be a noun as it is wholly participatory.

The massive challenges that humanity is currently facing at this time are all variations on the theme of changing our identity from an unconscious thing to a conscious process. We are maturing ontologically, casting off the shackles of "thinginess" that we have been indoctrinated in since birth. But in the process we have to face our shadow — that aspect of ourselves that has tyrannically defined and controlled us. This is why we live in an age of such unparalleled objectification, and why we have manifested Big Brother to watch over us, keeping us in his objectifying gaze. It can be a rocky road to freedom!

But it does not have to be if we undertake the process consciously. So to break free from Big Brother, break free from Little Brother inside you by putting consciousness back into the heart of the reality. And bear in mind if you are not seeing this as a revolutionary act — the only true revolutionary act — then you are still blinded by pernicious self-objectification. It all comes back to reconnecting ourselves with the reality that we experience so we can no longer play the victim of a pernicious external controller.