Is mobile phone use causing a decline in morality?
30 Mar 2010

RESEARCHERS at the Massachusetts Institute have discovered that a part of the brain just behind the right ear, when subjected to magnetic stimulation, can reduce morality. Dr. Liane Young, who lead the study, said: "You think of morality as being a really high-level behaviour. To be able to apply a magnetic field to a specific brain region and change people's moral judgments is really astonishing."

The question that nobody seems to be asking is whether mobile phones can also affect this area of the brain that governs morality? Could society as a whole be less moral because of the rise in exposure to mobile electromagnetic radiation?

Already mobile radiation is implicated in genetic damage. Dr. George Carlo, Chairman of the non-profit Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington D. C., describes his shock a the "outright misrepresentation and misstatements of fact now being propagated by the cell phone industry to convince you to vote against the legislation" to have a health warning label affixed to cell phones. According to him, the more than fifty studies completed by his organisation have shown that cell phone radiation doubles the risk of certain brain tumours and damages blood genetics. (For more info, visit The Science and Public Policy Institute.)