Swine Flu
02 May 2009

HOW DOES ANYONE TRUST the governments and the mainstream media these days? With headlines announcing that up to 40% of the population are at risk of contracting the virus, you would think that this was the end of civilisation. Naturally, it is always good to prepare people, but it has become routine that anything that kills just a few people threatens civilisation itself!

So just over 100 people died in a country like Mexico with a massive and highly dense population centres and a relatively less-developed medical care system — but that does not make a pandemic. The same happened with Avian flu.

Now I am not advocating complacency or saying that an infectious disease could not come along that does wipe out a significant percentage of humanity (it has always been on the cards, especially since the use of antibiotics selects more virulent microbial strains, and since we started introducing rogue DNA into the environment), but lets start being less reactionary, less fear-mongering, and call a pandemic a pandemic if and only if it really is one.

And to put it into perspective, in the US alone, 200,000 people die annually as a result of medical accidents. Does that get the same publicity as a disease that has so far killed only 1 solitary American? And flu anyway kills approximately 36,000 Americans a year. So why is there so much scare-mongering over Swine Flu at this stage? Who is responsible for this? Is it due to us living in a society that is so fear-focus that exaggeration becomes a knee-jerk response, and/or is someone orchestrating this for their own interest? (Maybe those who make Swine Flu vaccines?)