So you want to be a scientist?
10 Mar 2011

SO MANY OF US GROW UP wanting to become scientists. This is because we think that it is in the process of science where we really get to find all the hidden secrets of the universe. On television, we are bombarded with programs and trendy academics glorifying science, and even in the alternative world we watch documentaries like "What the Bleep!" which present science as the justification for our extraordinary ability to manufacture reality.

So we grow up thinking that the real magic of the world is being discovered at the cutting-edge of science and needs to be justified by science in order to be legitimate, and so many young people are drawn into that world because they want to find answers to the questions of life in a systematic and experiential way that does not involve blinding accepting the dogmas in various holy books. Science markets itself as where "it's happening" — the place to be!

But consider this…

You are a multidimensional being embedded in every dimension. You are intimately connected with everything in this universe and in any other potential multiple universes. And what is more… you are consciousness, which means that you can have a direct experience of all those connections.

You are greater than any particle accelerator. You want to be a particle physicist and experiment with the paradoxes of quantum mechanics? Just be in your own consciousness — THAT is a direct experience of this paradox. Do you want to study parallel universes and dimensions — or do you want to directly experience it? Because you really can if you want to.

Want to understand the implications of Bell's Theorem and quantum unity? Just go inside — it is ALL there! Your consciousness is quantum theory in action; consciousness is quantum unity. You don't need to go to CERN to understand the secrets of the universe — it is right there in you. And if you observe your own consciousness close enough you will know a lot more about physics than any Nobel Laureate.

Unfortunately, however, you are likely to be so identified as a human being separate from the mystery of the universe that you block any realization that you can have a direct experience of the mysteries.

You want to be a biologist or chemist? You are one already — your whole body-mind is undertaking trillions of biochemical reactions every second. Just get in touch with your body and with the mind/consciousness embedded in it to really understand what biology and chemistry are really about. And again, if you observe those processes with consciousness you will know more about biology and chemistry than any Nobel Laureate.

You want to be a psychologist? Just live life — it is right there in front of you, staring at yourself in the mirror. You don't need 3 or 5 years at university to understand psychology. Just stop thinking you know who and what you are, and who and what others are… just observe. You will become a lot more aware of the nuances of psychology than any psychology Nobel Laureate.

Or you want to be a mathematician? Your whole form is steeped in mathematics. Your consciousness is using mathematics the whole time. If you observe close enough you will have a greater understanding of mathematics than any Field's Medal winner.

Or maybe you want to be a leading doctor healing people and finding the cure for diseases? The answers are right in front of us, but because we give away expertise in our health to others, we do not see those answers. You want to become an expert healer — find wholeness in yourself first and you will be a healer far more effective than any doctor.

It is all right there — everything. You want to understand about how your mind creates reality, drop the quantum mechanical BS. Young children who have never studied modern physics known this already. Just adding the word "quantum" does not mean something is real, or that you understand it. Stop sanctifying the mystery of existence with scientific terminology. Scientists actually have a psychotic view of the world because they refuse to accept the direct experience of their own consciousness that is actually embedded in their fields of study. Physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, medicine and mathematics ARE all consciousness. We just play this stupid game that we are separate from them and so have to study them at lectures, and in laboratories and libraries.

It is time we stop this psychosis of objectivity and go back into the roots of consciousness. All the answers are right there, if only we were not so distracted by the programmed necessity of objective study.