Subliminal Messages in Whale & Dolphin Recordings
28 Jun 2010

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, but sometimes I listen to tapes that include whale and dolphin noises. They are lovely to listen too, and many of us believe that they can change our energetic structures in some way.

But what concerns me is what these whales and dolphins are actually talking or singing about in the clips that find themselves on the CDs that we repeatedly play. Like any intelligent species, what is communicated probably varies from the mundane to the profound to the profane — there is a whole range of possibilities associated with advanced intelligence. So the particular dolphin or whale could be, at that particular moment the recording was taken, telling her friends the graphic detail of her latest sexual escapade. And here we humans are listening to these messages over and over again and then wondering why we feel horny each time we see a couple of flippers and a tail.

Instead, I think as a matter of urgency that a whale and dolphin translation service needs to be set up and mandatory vetting of whale and dolphin CD content be undertaken before these CDs are released. Failing that, a warning label needs to be affixed on the cover stating that the artist putting the music together has absolutely no clue as to what the whales and dolphins are actually saying, and that listeners listen at their own risk.

Taking this a bit further, is it possible that the government or other organisation first to break the Whale or Dolphin language codes could start flooding the internet with subliminal messages in Whale and Dolphin Speak which New Agers are only too happy to disseminate for them? Has this already happened?

These are just some of the things that everyone should be worrying about during this hard economic times.