Advaita and New Directions
12 May 2010

I HAVE BEEN THINKING about that Dalai Lama quote above a lot. So many of the advaita crowd are focused only on their own selfish enlightenment, but they would not admit this because they would say that there is no self to be selfish with. The irony is that I have never come across more conceptualisation than I have in the Advaita community. They revel in the concept of no-concept.

If that is being awake, maybe it is better to focus on being kind. Yes, that involves making a choice and even if it is ultimately an illusory one. I need to write an article on this to clarify things in my head. There is something wrong with Advaita spirituality, as practiced by most Westerners (can't speak for Indian culture although I am sure many of the problems are universal).

After months of no writing, I am writing 3 or 4 articles at once. We will see if any of them get finished this month.