Project Camelot Interviews Steven Greer
10 Aug 2009

PROJECT CAMELOT is a 3-year-old organisation set up by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy that interviews various experts on New Age spirituality, ETs, leading-edge science and conspiracy theory from around the world, in an effort to "provide researchers, activists and whistleblowers with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out." Past interviewees include Jim Marrs, David Icke, Richard Hoagland, Bob Dean, Bill Holden, Brian O'Leary, Erich von Daniken, David Wilcock and many others.

Overall, Project Camelot has done a relatively good job, not so much by their interview expertise but more because they seem to be one of the only organisations out there doing this sort of work consistently, and for this, many of us have had enormous respect for them.

However, a lot of this respect has been eroded by Project Camelot's appalling interview with Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project at the July 09 Barcelona Exopolitics Summit [see above]. If you watch it, you will see that it is more of an ambush than an interview, with Greer being physically flanked on either side by Ryan and Cassidy (which any interviewee would find intimidating).

Now Greer is one of the most fascinating characters in the UFO/ET arena because he claims (and has evidence for) actual personal contact with ETs, including transmissions which his organisation is currently decoding. To see more of his work, watch his actual lecture given before this interview at the same Barcelona Exopolitics Summit on Youtube below. This video is WELL worth watching, especially his video of ET contacts. [Afterwards, and before interviewing Greer, Cassidy describes Greer's message in this lecture as "insidious" because of her concern that it will leave humanity wide open to being invaded. (Although quite how you defend yourself from a race of beings at least a few thousand years more technologically advanced is something she doesn't go into!)

The Project Camelot interview with Greer after this lecture is, however, less than professional. In fact, at times, it is painful to watch because the interviewers (mostly Cassidy) keep constantly interrupting and dismissing what Greer is saying, and conduct the interview with an air of general hostility. Both interviewers also kept reaching over and touching Greer on the arm to stop him talking so that they could make their interruptions (one of the first times that Cassidy does this Greer glares down at her hand to show his disapproval at her invasion of his space, but she continues to do it). Cassidy also keeps speaking to the camera when talking to Greer who is beside her, and even gives us a few figurative eye-rolls, which is most disrespectful to Greer and ultimately her audience (we are intelligent enough to make up our own minds).

In parts, the interview is so unprofessionally managed that Cassidy is literally talking over Greer as he gives us his point of view. Here is a classic exchange that took place after one such episode where Greer is clearly getting exasperated by Cassidy's continual interruptions and insistence on equal airtime:

Greer: You invited me to an interview, I am going to provide an interview. If you want to overtalk everything I say, you can overtalk what I say.

Cassidy: You overtalk us.

Greer: … I'm being interviewed!

Cassidy: [Laughs]

Now the whole point of an interview is that the views and experiences of the person being interviewed are being presented to the audience so that THEY, the audience, can make up their own minds on Greer and his take on the ET/UFO phenomenon. But what Project Camelot effectively do in the Greer "interview" is to censor what Greer says. Sure, the question of ET intentions is a very important one, but once you have challenged Greer on why others are saying contradictory statements, there is little point making it personal and trying to dismiss what Greer is saying. His answer is his answer, and is perfectly valid.

And by behaving this way, Project Camelot come out of this looking extremely bad: you only have to look at the Youtube video responses to see that the vast majority disliked Cassidy's treatment of Greer (and many have been complaining that their negative comments were being removed by Cassidy — which would be more censorship). Quite frankly, very few of us who watched this really care what Cassidy thinks because we are listening to this particular interview because we want to hear what Greer has to say. (Cassidy also makes the asinine comment that we only have 3 years of oxygen left to breath, which only discredits her and Project Camelot further.)

So by bringing her ego into this interview in such an enormous way, Cassidy (and Ryan who is equally responsible because he didn't stop her) ends up leaving no room for important questions that they could have spent their time asking Greer, such as the nature of the ET transmissions Greer has received and the details of his actual interactions with ETs. Basically, Project Camelot blew the very interview Ryan admitted at the beginning had been requested more than any other. And I would be very surprise if Greer ever allowed himself to be interrogated again in that manner. Many of us have the distinct impression that Project Camelot are doing everything they can to discredit Greer's Disclosure Project.

As a result, a lot of people have been turned off Project Camelot and have stopped making supporting donations.



Update: Project Camelot has now removed/censored all comments from their Youtube videos. I guess the criticism, maybe understandably, cut a little too deep for Cassidy.

Comments have since been put back, so obviously censorship didn't look good for an organisation opposed to censorship!