Taking Real Responsibility
01 Jul 2014

I REMEMBER HIM SITTING in his latest-model silver Mercedes at the side of the road. He was in a dark suit and his hair was styled perfectly — definitely a handsome man, probably in his thirties. The driver's side window was open and on the road underneath were a number of fresh cigarette buts, an empty burger box and a chip wrapper. He started the engine and drove off. Perhaps he had seen me looking at his mess, but more likely he was just unconsciously going back to work, having finished his lunch break.

A guy like that is part of the system… I understand that. It always amazes me that "system-bods" are so immaculate on the outside and so unconscious on the inside. This seems to be the state of the world at the moment — looking good is all that matters and all that is really promoted. What goes on inside, outside of that which is in service to looking good, is disregarded because it is invisible to our media-defined virtual reality. You expect that from system-bods, but I continue to be surprised when I find it in the alternative community as well. Part of me thinks that alternative people are more conscious, but this is an invalid equivalence.

I went for an early morning walk up a sacred hill near where I live — it was the day after the Summer Solstice, an important event in such an alternative town. Reaching the top I saw plastic bottles and cans littering the area. The solstice had been certainly been honoured by a lot of people… but at the same time trash has been thrown in Mother Earth's face. I know these alternative people because I live amongst them, so I know how much lip-service they give to ecology and respect for Mother Nature. Many would be the first to protest against fracking. But what is the difference between an organisation or government fracking, and an individual throwing rubbish around. Both are unconscious and both are damaging the environment, just not to the same scale as organisations have larger resources. But when it really comes down to it, most of those in the alternative community are just as unconscious as conventional folk.

You see, unless we work on our inner demons, the majority of the human race have a death wish. And whilst alternatively-minded people know that the system is what keeps us all asleep, what is not acknowledged is that most of the alternative systems keep us asleep as well. In fact, any system that advocates change from the outside is a self-defeating system.

From a psychological point of view, this is obvious. Unless we change, our mass psychology will just perpetrate the same dysfunctions, although dressed in different clothing. However, it goes much deeper than this. Consciousness is the ultimate building block of reality — not matter — and so only changes in consciousness are going to build a different reality. Otherwise, outer changes are just cosmetic, as we have seen time and time again in history when the oppressed revolt only to become the new oppressors.

If you want to make a difference to the world, the best thing we can do is to work through our issues. For these issues not only affect our interaction in society, but they collectively create a huge dysfunction in society. Everyone is very happy to point the finger at the Bilderbergs or the NSA, but these organisations are just outer manifestations of our collective dysfunction. Sure the Catholic Church might be considered evil… but if it is appearing in your reality then it has to have something directly to do with YOU… with a component in your consciousness. Seek out that component… heal it. That is our responsibility as human beings in this lifetime.

So the next time you see that revolutionary or anarchist throwing around rubbish or getting plastered, just take it as a reminder that most of the protesters in the world today are just fashion victims, and that underneath is the same dysfunctional Establishment-psychology trying to f*** the world. If you want to be a true revolutionary, it is a lot more involved than going on a few protest marches and wearing a bandana. You actually have to give up all that ego-shit and become a nobody. Now that really is radical… but very few have that sort of perception or courage.