Scientology Bashing
29 Oct 2009

SCIENTOLOGY BASHING has become very popular these days. Many see this organisation as a dangerous religious cult, based on the work of a science fiction writer called Ron Hubbard, that drains members of their financial resources under the pretext of clearing them of past conditioning and their bodies of toxins. (It is estimated to cost up to $277,000 to complete its educational clearing program.) It is also a cult that has been accused of discouraging and even actively withholding pharmaceutical drugs from its members, which in a few cases has been believed to have resulted in death.

And it is an organisation that is notoriously secretive and controlling, accused of keeping records on file of its members' misdeeds, uncovered during its clearing programs, which are then used to used, on treat of exposure, to blackmail members into never leaving. You can read a lot about this side of scientology from

But there is another side to Scientology. It is the only organisation with the balls and the financial clout to take on the might of the pharmaceutical industry and its lapdog, the orthodox medical industry. And it does this through its sister organisation Citizens Commission on Human Rights ( CCHR has produced some eye-opening documentaries including: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death in 2005, and very recently, The Marketing of Madness (which repeats much of the same message).

Adverse reactions to medicinal drugs kill well over 100,000 people per year in the United States alone [see Death by Medicine, a 2003 medical report], with modern medicine in total murdering a further 700,000 in the same period. If this huge number of people are actually killed annually, imagine how many more are maimed and injured — we are talking about a significant percentage of the entire population! But an injury does not necessarily have to be visible: it could be an injury to the brain caused by psychotropic drugs for mental disorders developed by the pharmaceutical industry and dispensed by the psychiatric "doctors" (really just salesmen and women for these drugs).

So we have visible media protests about Scientology murdering a handful of its members in its entire history, and turning its tens of thousands of members into zombies by encouraging them to take its expensive science fiction courses marketed as a "religion" that rake in many millions of dollars annually, whereas we have a pharmaceutical and medical industry, marketed as the "health" industry, murdering what must be well over fifteen million people globally each year, and turning half the world's population into zombies with its psychotropic drugs and mercury-based vaccines which annually earn it trillions of dollars. Which would you deem more dangerous to society?

I have always seen Scientology as the George Bush of the political world. The organisation is so obviously contrived and controlling that it exposes the whole system of cult indoctrination used in all large religious and business organisations, just as Bush was so personally dysfunctional and moronic that he exposed the dysfunction of the whole political system. Bush was an invitation to see behind the curtain. (If a politician is too charismatic and intelligent, like Obama certainly is, we are too distracted to look behind the curtain.) And in the same way, Scientology is a transparent lesson in the wacky things that people are prepared to allow themselves to be indoctrinated with.

So the next time you see a huge media frenzy against scientology, just remember that the organisations that do the most damage to society are the ones that most own the media outlets reporting on those dangers of scientology. And quite frankly, I would rather be born into a Scientology family than, for example, a Catholic family, as it would no doubt be a lot easier, later in life, to let go of Scientology indoctrination and abuse than it would be to let go Catholic indoctrination and abuse.