We Are Strong: The Natural Path to Effective Immunity
01 May 2020

Our immune system has an astonishing ability to resist disease and infections. But it is only when we follow the natural path that we maximise that immunity and realise our incredible natural potential. … more →

Exploding COVID-19: When mass disobedience becomes our only refuge
19 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that is being portrayed as a deadly epidemic by governments around the world and those who control them. The end goal: fragmentation of society, the enslavement of humanity, and the loss of personal sovereignty. Our duty therefore must be mass disobedience. … more →

Artificial Intelligence, Implicit Reality Maps, the Carbon-Silicon Equivalency and Models of Consciousness
21 Jan 2019

The Creepy Line is an excellent documentary which castigates Google and Facebook for appropriating personal data and using their platforms to manipulate the public for profit and political purposes. The following is not a review but rather an exploration of some of these issues. … more →