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A few favourite videos:

Death of a Nation - Dinesh D'Souza / 2018
An eye-opening documentary that overturns many of our unquestioned political assumptions, unveiling that it is the progressive Democrats who are the true racists, the true fascists and the greatest threat to our freedoms. Nazism and fascism are just flavours of socialism and their association with the Right is the Big Lie.

9/11: What 17 Years of Lies Have Done to Us - Richard Dolan
9/11 was pivotal in allowing the Deep State to impliment its Big Brother program that defines society today. Dolan gives a great summary of the holes in the farcical 9/11 official story, a fiction used to justify stealing many of our freedoms.

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters (2018)
A powerful documentary showing how meat production is destroying the planet, destroying our health, and causing the terrible torture of countless animals. If you care about the future and have an ounce of compassion, veganism is the only way forward.

VEGAN 2017 - The Film (2017)
Veganism used to to be considered a quirky and fringe lifestyle choice, but increasingly it is being recognised as the only way that we are going to be able to actually heal society and prevent ecological catastrophe. Now… it has gone mainstream!

The Vegetarian Myth Debunked Forever (Mic / 2017)
Lierre Keith is a an ex-pretend-vegan who in her own words spent 20 years on a 'vegan' diet whilst 'bing[ing] on eggs and dairy every chance [she] got'. As a consequence of her poor health, Keith wrote a book of lies (no, not too strong a word) called The Vegetarian Myth which is debunked in this video.

Consciousness is at the Center of the Alien Phenomena (2018)
Grant Cameron gives a great review of the UFO/alien phenomena from a consciousness perspective. This is something that a few of the leading researchers have always maintained: these aliens are more psychic than objective phenomena.

What the Health Director Thanks Joe Rogan & The Haters (2018)
Kip Andersen has produced two of the most powerful and inspirational pro-vegan documentaries: Cowspiracy and What the Health. Here he is interviewed by Klaus Mitchell of Plant Based News on the making of What the Health.

Mary Rodwell - The New Human, Star Children and the ET Connection(2017)
Rodwell is taking research into ETs much further than just providing evidence for their physical presence. They are in fact part of a huge awakening that is taking place not just “out there” but in the depths of our own minds and spirits.

Linda Moulton Howe - Self Activating Alien Software (2015)
Great lecture that brings different aspects of alien phenomena and crop circles. I met Howe many years ago examining crop circles and can attest to her incredible professionalism, knowledge and investigative journalism. Fascinating video!

Alan Watts - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey (2016)
A beautiful reminder that it is perhaps better to view life as a dance or a piece of music: it is not just about reaching some destination, whether that destination be to leave your family financially set up or to find yourself in some afterlife heaven. We must remember to dance.

Rays of the Absolute (the legacy of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj) (2015)
Stephen Wolinsky's interview with some of Nisargadatta's leading disciples.

The Imperative of Meditation - Shunyamurti (May 2015)
What a wonderful teacher! Spiritual teachers can often sound the same, but Shunyamurti brings something very fresh and perceptive in his teachings. Here he affirms that "meditation is the discovery of the real Self… " and how it is an essential tool for awakening.

Internal Flight - Estas Tonne - Winner of Cosmic Angel Short Film Award (Mar 2015)
Beautiful music by Estas Tonne set to stunning images and profound words: In the silent space… There is a voice… It's calling me to explore the deep jungles and mountain tops within… As I stand on the cliff of my mind, I trust… the Internal Flight.

"Feeding Your Demons" with Lama Tsultrim Allione (Nov 2014)
Feeding Your Demons is a five-step process that allows us to turn our demons (obstacles, enemies, problems and illnesses) into allies by dealing with them compassionately. As long as we are out to destroy our demons, we will only perpetuate our pain and struggles.

The Heart of Shiva – Igor Kufayev, SAND 2014 (Oct 2014)
Kufayev unites Hindu mythology with Advaita in a deliciously refreshing and powerful presentation. We are Shiva and we are Shakti — Shakti is the Heart of Shiva. Here he talks about the importance of the Divine Feminine and how it gives birth to the world.

Deva Premal - Gayatri Mantra (2 hours) (May 2014)
The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful Sanskrit mantras, and nobody sings it more beautifully than Deva Premal. So sing along the verses are: Aum, Bhuh Bhuvah Svah, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat.

Meet Little Miss Sunshine / Chickens are Adorable! (Mar 2014)
Meet Little Miss Sunshine, the ex-battery hen who has become a television star in Australia. Chickens are adorable and intelligent, so please stop eating them, and that includes their eggs, which are born in horrendous circumstances. Let's be nice to chickens! (Thx Cpji)

Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji) — Incarnation of Love —Video by Kapil K (Dec 2013)
Maharaj ji or Neem Karoli Baba is an Indian Saint and devotee of Hanuman who embodied unconditional love and devotion. He was Ram Dass' guru and influenced many seekers worldwide. Another beautiful video to check out is: https://youtu.be/GmwXsgVTvG4

David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful! (Nov 2013)
Brother David Steindl-Rast is a monk and interfaith scholar who is giving here a short lecture on finding happiness by being grateful for the opportunity each moment that is given to us. Gratefulness is the key to happiness and something we can learn to cultivate.

Happy Cows (July 2013)
Have you ever seen happy cows? Well watching this video will melt your heart as you see the joy that cows feel when they go out to pasture for the first time in the spring. These cows were saved from slaughter by people that care. Please donate - kuhrettung.de. (Thx D)

The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagawan Nityananda in Sixty-One Topics (Apr 2013)
Bhagawan Nityananda was a realized Indian saint and avatar whose most famous disciple was Swami Muktananda. His devotees compiled the Chidakasha Gita from his discourses and sayings. For a commentary on the Chidakasha Gita visit http://yogasutras.com/Chidakasha_Gita_of_Nityananda_Julian_Lee.html

Thich Nhat Hanh: January 3rd 2013 (Jan 2013)
A beautiful and insightful Dharma talk by a spiritual master. Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us that we can reach awakening by just looking into the body. Everything we need is right here and right now. We are not a self but a community and what we do for ourselves we do for all.

Uruguay's President Mujica's speech at Rio+20 (Jun 2012)
South America has spawned some of the most enlightened world leaders, such as Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Jose Mujica. Here Mujica gives an inspiring speach, the sort you never hear our leaders make because we are all so lost in consumption and competition.

And Life Itself Is Grace (May 2012)
A beautiful video by Geoff Foster which glimpses the miracle of life that is here, right now, if we open our eyes to see it. This magical world of unity is beyond all religions and all spirituality, because it is so beyond mind and being. This grace is our birthright. (Thanks CP:-)

Thich Nhat Hanh: 2012 Dublin (Apr 2012)
Thich Nhat Hanh is always an inspiration for mindfulness, humility and compassion. We forget in the modern world that waking to the here and now is a service to the world, not another entry on a spiritual CV. We wake up because we love ourselves, the world and all beings.

Never Ever Give Up. Arthur Boorman's Inspiractional Transformation! (Apr 2012)
Told by doctors he would never walk again, Gulf War veteran Arthur Boorman was disabled for 15 years before he decided to change his life. He started yoga, falling over at first, but eventually developed strength and balance, loosing 140lbs, and even started running!

Devi Prayer ♥ Hymn to the Divine Mother Akasha / Music: Pruess and Devi (Jan 2012)
With haunting music by Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi, this beautiful video is to honour the Divine Mother Presence of this Universe that gives birth to and holds together all form. The femine principle is in all things and shines forth as the light that radiates from the heart.

Abide as the Self - Ramana Maharshi (Nov 2011)
Ramana Maharshi was a holy sage who lived in India during the first half of the 20th Century. His teachings seemed simple: abide in the self, in the 'I am' of consciousness. But to realize these teachings requires an unravelling of who and what we think we are.

Young Elephant Seal Cuddles with Woman (Aug 2011)
A woman has a very loving encounter with a young elephant seal. It is very beautiful and moving watch the trust that young animals have. This sort of inter-species openness would be common if we stopped killing animals for food & skins. We are guardians, not predators.

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - One Day Aug 2011
This lovely video captures the spirit of how our little acts of kindness can and do make a difference in other people's lives and society. Great song too (Thanks CP)

Gratitude with Louie Schwartzberg / TEDxSF (Jun 2011)
Louie Schwartzberg is a time-lapse photographer and film maker who is able to catch the extraordinary beauty of the world, and coupled with the words of Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, the video he shows is an extraordinary visual ode to gratitude.