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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

the ego

The ego is our conceptual sense of self as distinct or separate from the rest of the reality we experience; it is the fundamental belief in separation that defines who and what we are by dividing who and what we are from the rest of All-That-Is. The ego is the story we tell about ourselves and our lives — the story that makes us unique and individual. And as a consquence, it is our ego that generally determines our behaviour and what we believe we can and cannot do; our ego defines our limitations. By cutting us off from the rest of All-That-Is, it is the ego that limits not just our possibilities but the energy which realizes those possibilities.

For this reason, breaking free from the tyranny of the ego, from the straight-jacket of our personal story, is the most important components of successful system busting. Unless we realize the illusion of a static conceptualized self, we will not be able to break any of the most restrictive systems. This is because the most restrictive systems hook us on our sense of identity. That is our ultimate Achilles Heal. What we identify with, we cannot break through without breaking ourselves, and very few are prepared to break themselves, even if those selves cause mostly pain.

Learning to function in this world with a flexible sense of self, or even little or no sense of self at all, can and is possible. But it takes practice, faith and humility to become confortable with have no defined conceptual self. Our whole culture has become ego glorification, with fame (egotism) being pursued for fame's sake. Social networking websites are mostly just ego catalogues — self PR — that encourages us to identify ever more with our conceptual self, with the story of who or what we think we are or would like to be.

It is no coincidence that we seem to live in such pathological times — the ego is the ultimate pathology, so allowing it to run the show will only make the show itself a study on pathology! A culture addicted to ego glorification can only decend into insanity and chaos, just as we individually do if we resist life's constant call to move beyond conceptual definitions of self.

So giving up our personal stories, discarding our memory fixation, is a fundamental component of system busting.

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