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Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

space & time

Many of us have experienced a sense of expansion and timelessness which comes in altered states of consciousness. Even a festive drink can give us a floaty, expanded feeling. These altered states offer a glimpse at the limitations of space and time.

Space and time are central components of the master maps or master paradigms used in Western society. Even most of those who call themselves "alternative" use the same master maps, although with a different vocabulary set which gives the illusion of another reality. But it is the same old theater and same old characters acting out a different play. Whilst changing the play is an important step, the ultimate aim of system busting is to change the theater itself — the context of our very being. (If we look very deep, we can even get rid of the theatre altogether.)

We can only give up our addiction to space-time perspectives when we stop body-identification. And therefore giving up body identification is the key to breaking the tyranny of space-time realitymaps. When we give up identification and find outselves outside of normal space-time, we are able to paradoxically make the greatest difference to the world.

Rationality or logic is actually based upon the assumption of space and time. Rationality fabricates the ego, for it is only in space and time that we can separate ourselves from All-That-Is or divine Oneness (the rise of objectivity), and then rationalize interactions between those separations. However, much of our experience cannot be mapped by the space-time paradigm without great distortion and omission. For example, experience of oneness is literally impossible to describe with language because language is space-time oriented. And if we insist on bad translations, then they can too easily draw us into ego fantasies.

Experiencing life without the space-time paradigm offers a fantastic opportunity to system bust. Some people do it naturally, but others need to work on moving beyond accepted boundaries of being. Sometimes this may involve regular meditation, introspection, the use of psychotropic drugs (such as ayahausca or DMT), or simple dream-focus, but what is important with all these methods is not to rush back to a "rational" explanation as soon as we are back in the space-time paradigm. The trick is to deliberately refrain from the reflex to explain everything, to put it into a rational order. This takes some real humility — the humility to realize that our ego (which is inseparable from the space-time paradigm) cannot follow us into every area of our experience, and so is not qualified to inject meaning into those experiences.

Central to letting go of the space-time realitymap is to stop identification with the body.

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