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Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

reality maps

Realitymaps are the internal belief and energetic systems that map or define the reality that we experience. They are ultimately underpinned by the ego and give us the illusion of a structured and meaningful reality. System busting centers around the manipulation of realitymaps, for these determine our awareness of all external and internal systems.

An enormous amount of information enters our senses from the totality of our experience, both externally and internally, and it is our reality maps that step down the bandwidth into manageable portions that make sense to us. This selection process throws out 99% of experience, leaving us with the illusion of a coherent reality. The more encompassing or open our reality maps, the more information we can take in … the more of "reality" we allow ourselves to experience. (Too much, and we can become confused; too little, and we ossify.)

Each person can hold several reality maps. For example, a scientist may hold a physicists reality map during his working hours, a mother's reality map at home with her children, a Christian reality map at church on Sunday and so on, just as anybody traveling in different countries will use an array of maps, either for different areas or for different uses within the same area (if you are travelling across a city by underground train, a street map of that city is not going to be much help). However, behind this working collection of reality maps lies a master map or master paradigm that is mostly unconscious and involves fundamental shared reality assumptions such as 3-dimensional space and sequential time ("3d-st" for short), on which the ego is based. Whilst changing the everyday reality maps or sub paradigms is very important, the radical changes happen when we tinker with our master maps.

When starting out system busting, it is always better to focus on ordinary reality maps first, not the master maps. This way we learn a method; we learn to "see it when we believe it" rather than "believe when we see it". When we have this process down, we can move on to the master maps and change things that most would consider impossible.

Nobody said it is easy to change these reality maps in a society which reinforces at every opportunity an "official" subset of maps, all 3d-st maps. Remember, just about everybody you meet is operating from some sort of reality map, and is very likely to be unconsciously trying to validate that reality map with every social interaction. This is why to effectively change reality maps, especially master maps, we have to go "underground", at least for a while, to be able to create a new reality with minimal outside interference. And we will most certainly lose "friends" in the process — those people who like or "love" us because much of our relationship with them is to reinforce their own reality map (indeed, reality validation is a central component of practically all human relationship).

An important component of reality maps is their emotional and feeling content. In fact, it is entirely artificial to separate mind from emotions and feelings as they are unified at a deeper, energetic level. Emotions (more body-oriented energetics) and feelings (more mind energetics) are what colour our reality maps and give them depth — they bring our maps to life. Belief systems, therefore, are not just sets of information sets like computer programs but include corresponding feelings and emotions that "glue" the beliefs together and give them their reality. For this reason, successful system busting or reality map modification will always involve working with feelings and emotions.

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