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Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

the physical body

The most limiting focus of identification is that involving the physical body. Our body is currently used as a 3-dimensional representation of our greatest imaginary limitations: finiteness, vulnerability, pain, lack, deterioration and death. When perceived conventionally, the body becomes a biological mantra that constantly reminds us we are not the infinite beings we actually are.

Why wait for your imaginary death before realizing your true non-biological nature? Perhaps we do not even understand what biology is; perhaps its limitations are to do with our expectations? As long as we believe that we are biological, and that biology is just complex self-organizing chemical systems, we will have biological limitations and we will fear an end to being. Even to regard biology as chemical systems with energetic overlays like the aura is still limiting.

The limitations of biology are actually the limitations of space and time: a biological system such as the human body takes up a finite amount of space and a finite amount of time. And the official story is that this little piece of space and time is us. And most of us unconsciously recoil in horror at such a limitation, which is why we spend our time trying to make our mark on more pieces of space and time — whether that is on other people, animals, our community, our society or the environment.

Is it no coincidence that the mass media is becoming more and more obsessed with bodies and especially young bodies. This is a collective reflection of our increasingly desperate reluctance to waking up to our true nature. As our energies get stronger (and things are building up substantially at this time in our history) the fearful collective consciousness retreat further into physical identification to avoid loosing the body, which is the mainstay of most people's ego. Letting go of identification with the body is tantamount to the death of who we think we are, which is why so many spend so much time and effort focused on their "vehicle". (Even most of those who have "given up" being focused on their vehicle because of advanced age are still being defined by its limitations, and still have deep regret at the illusory loss of beauty and strength.)

When we let go of identification with the body, we are actually really letting go of our association with the very concept of physical systems in space and time. Our fixation with matter is due to our need to project our ego onto something that we consider to be relatively solid; egos need a solid foundation to survive. So letting go of this psychological foundation — our physical bodies — has huge ramifications to our sense of self. With nothing fixed on which to project identity, our identity is forced to become more fluid, and as a consequence our belief systems, including our master belief system, also start to become more fluid. Infinite possibilities then open up for us.

So it is of primary concern for all system busters to shed the identification with the body in order to destabilize our belief systems. You cannot effectively system bust if you think you are a physical body. The "fact" of our biology, therefore, is perhaps the most important system to bust, and when we do it we take a quantum leap ahead towards realizing our true infinite nature.

If we let go of body identification — if we can cut free from our biological anchor — then the mind naturally stops its fixation on space-time perspectives, and drops into oneness.

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