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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.


Although system busting can at times seem isolating because we often need to separate ourselves from most aspects of society in order to have the distance to break its hold on us, ultimately our efforts reward not only ourselves, but the collective. The reason for this is that we are all intimately connected to each other — we are all one, something every enlightened person throughout history has stated.

Ultimately, there is only one being or consciousness in the whole universe, throughout all dimensions, and in all parallel worlds. And that one being has variously been conceptually labelled God, Goddess, All-That-Is, Great Spirit, Brahman, Nirvana and Infinite Consciousness, and its oneness is holographically reflected in the energy systems of all individual beings that are an integral part of this whole — including little you and little me.

So any gain by an "individual" consciousness in breaking free from systems is a gain for all. Our journey to infinite consciousness is ultimately a collective endeavour, with "private" victories of awakening and realization being victories for all, for each will find the path to enlightenment, the path back to unity, that much easier because of the beings who have energetically cleared the way "before". (This "before" could be a future event, as at this level of unity energetics, time is simultaneous. So an act of consciousness and realization here and now will help liberate all beings throughout "history", as well as make it easier for all beings who come "after" us.)

The process of awakening is the sharpening of the hologram, so that All-That-Is is reflected more completely in each part. And this is ultimately why you and I are living this life today … not to be good or to be spiritual, whatever that means, but to be a clear and conscious conduit for the ONE — for prime awareness. For it is unawareness and unconsciousness that actually hold us hostage in our limiting systems.

Pure awareness is actually the strongest antidote against system enslavement, but only when the emphasis is on the "pure". We can fool ourselves into believing we are conscious by being aware of the details of our fantasies and belief systems, without ever realizing the fact that these are fantasies and belief systems in the first place. And the only way to be aware of this is to experience ultimate awareness, the awareness of "I am" as opposed to the awareness of "I am this" or "I am that". It is this sense of "I am" that underlies all consciousness (it is the awareness of awareness), and only when we become aware of the "I am" do we truly realize the nature of beliefs that enslave us in systems of consciousness.

This realization, which some call spiritual awakening, is our ultimate destiny. It is the stripping away of false identification, a task that we have set ourselves for all eternity, throughout every lifetime and in every dimension of existence. We can never break free from any system as long as we identify with any part of that system, and so really experiencing our pure "I am-ness" in each moment has to be the ultimate system busting technique.

This sacred journey to pure awareness, which shows up, in relief, the beliefs and energetic systems that enslave humanity, is what wise men and women have spoken about for millennia. And although we may occasionally get distracted from this path to awakening by the society's illusions and systems, the natural propensity of consciousness is to increasing awareness of the "I am", and this awareness will always eventually betray us to a more authentic existence. Always.

We are always drawn into the unifying mystery; the ONE is never thwarted for long because it is our nature to be infinite, to break past limitation. The times we are living in mark the beginning of a new awakening, a call to be a part of something great.

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