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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.


All system busting and creation of new realities is founded upon consistent intention because of the mind's entanglement with the reality it experiences. Whilst we exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions and times, the part of us that we identify with is usually just the concept that we are an extremely limited, 3-dimensional biological being. And so the vast majority of people fool themselves with the illusion that this is all that they are, unquestioningly accepting the limitations concomitant with restrictive 3-d reality.

The word intention comes from the Latin in — towards and tendere — to stretch. So when we have an intention we are mentally and energetically stretching towards something. We do not even have to have any idea of how we are going to get to change our reality, so long as we intend the outcome the deeper and more connected parts of ourselves will take care of the detail. Our responsibility is merely to point the ship in the right direction: to have as clear, strong and consistent intention as we can. The rest, the getting there, is automatic because of our fundamental entanglement with All-That-Is.

The deeper the intention, the stroger it is, and the less control we have over it. Indeed, the deepest and most powerful intention — to wake up from this life dream — is a gift or a grace: it is not something we can just decide intellectually. That intention or longing is the fuel that can take us all the way on our journey to freedom, provided we keep our clarity and do not fall into potholes of self-illusion. If you don't have that longing … you would not be interested in reading this sort of material in the first place.

When the ego intends something it manifests a polar response that ends up sabotaging the very thing it believed it wanted. This is because the ego itself is ultimately founded on duality — me and other. Most people manifest from the ego, so their conscious manifestations are minimal, with most of their life's detail being determined by unconscious manifestation. (We all manifest — the question is whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.) Ego manifestation — the sort promoted in such films as The Secret — is from such a shallow, dualistic place that those doing it only end up strengthening the walls of ego, which cuts them off further from the living spirit of All-That-Is.

So intention is the fuel for conscious reality creation and system change, but only if it comes from deep within our guts. It has to be a visceral or heart-felt intention. The clearer and stronger that intention, the higher the fuel's octane level, which is why so many personal development systems insist that we write down or state out loud our intentions so that they are as clear as possible. But again, manifesting from who we think we are and what we deserve — our ego — scuppers the efficiency and intended result of this process.

An important distinction to be made here is between intention and desire. With intention, we make a strong natural focus on the inner realization of our goal in the moment, colouring in the details of what it is like to achieve it; with desire, on the other hand, we pine after our goal, focusing as much on our current distance from achieving our goal as we on the goal itself. The ego tends to experience desire when focused on goals, whereas the authentic self tends to experience the goal itself and the effects that realization of that goal would have.

There are, however, important limitations to the process of intention. We are unlikely to have much conviction in intending something that we feel is impossible or unlikely. In other words, the scope of our intentions are limited by our belief systems or reality maps. A person who believes that cancer, for example, is a death sentence is hardly likely to have a strong intention to become whole again. The best system busters are therefore those people who can step outside of conventional belief systems in order to make the "impossible" a reality. This is why many of the methods of system busting described later on involve altered states of consciousness (by meditation, isolation, psychotropic drugs or otherwise) so that the limits imposed by our reality maps can be bypassed.

Ultimately, intention is the intention of All That Is, and is not personal.

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