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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

System Busters was a website started in 2006 to help readers break free from limiting systems. It was never completed due to time constraints, but a few might find the introduction useful. Other sections were going to include a study on different system busters and the systems that they broke free from, a detailed 'how to' on different methods of system busting, and recommended resources.

Can you spot the System Buster?

It isn't obvious: system busters can be found in many different shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. The rebellious teenager might well be a closet system supporter, whilst the suited businessman an experienced system buster. Perhaps the only clue is a look in the eyes that betrays either a determination to break free or the lightness of one who has already broken free.

SystemBusters is all about system busting: why and how it is done; those that do it; and its outcome.

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