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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.


Our identity or sense of self is the key consideration for any system buster because it encapsulates our particular belief systems or reality maps. We are the reality we think is "out there". Limiting concepts of identity move in whenever we try to own or identify with parts of the dream of life. By doing this, we end up objectifying reality, using it to give the comforting illusion of homeostasis and discreteness to the fictious self. The stronger the concept of identity an individual holds, the stronger the illusion of an objective reality — and vice versa. It is our mistake of objectifying reality — holding on to concrete identities — that is the cause of our enslavement to limiting systems.

So the key to system busting is to weaken the limiting nature of the ego (I-dentity) and to challenge the assumption of an objective reality "out there". For only by challenging our identity can we challenge the belief systems that support that identity. For example, convince a bad student that he is in fact very gifted and his grades will dramatically improve. But it goes much further than that, to things that we might believe are literally impossible — like curing ourselves of "incurable" diseases, rejuvenating our bodies, changing society and the way we are governed, affecting the weather or visiting other dimensions, times and places.

Identity issues also explain why many enlightened and powerful individuals — often teachers and leaders — "fabricate" false personal histories: the "actual" personal past no longer supports the person they have become, nor the belief systems that they now holds. A change of personal history or, at the very least, a complete de-emphasis of personal history (some will not discuss their past for this reason, others will make one up), becomes important for maintaining the new identity. Some have used this "false" personal history as a means of discrediting these individuals, but this only demonstrates ignorance of the symbiotic relationship between identity and reality maps.

Of course it works both ways: not only does changing our identity affect our core beliefs, but changing our core beliefs also changes our identity. We may know a friend, for example, who takes up a new religion and in the process becomes a different person with a different personality. We do not consciously realize how plastic or fluid "we" are, and the unconscious realization of this is often experienced as a background feeling of fear in our lives, a fear of change that compels us to try to leave our mark in some way — whether that be in our children, our homes, our business, our discoveries, our material wealth, our spiritual knowledge, our choice of car, our clothes, our friends etc. We collude with the belief that we are a single, unchanging individual, doing everything we can to promote the ego's fictitious fixed self.

When there is strong ego entanglement in a particular belief system or paradigm, it becomes very difficult to change. For this reason, part of the training for system busting is to practice fluid identity. Just because your consciousness is generally correlated with a particular human body does not mean that it cannot correlate with the body of another human being, or a group of human beings, animals or plants. (This is indeed the basis of compassion and empathy.) As Pir Vilayat Khan wrote, "The assumption of being an individual is our greatest limitation." Our consciousness is not bound in separate individualized packages, but mingles and flows with the entire cosmos. Shamans have always known this from their experience of merging their consciousness, often with the help of psychotropics, dance and/or drum rhythms, with that of other beings and species, into other dimensions and far out into distant star systems.

Expanding and letting go of our identity or self-definition is therefore paramount to system busting. We need to give up our narrow self-interest and self-identification — the two primary causes of unhappiness in the human species today. Methods of expanding our identity are often the very same as the methods used to bust systems as the two processes are congruent. And key to it all is letting go of assumptions of space and time.

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