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System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.

creating reality

"You create your own reality" is a not just a hackneyed New Age/ Personal Development motto but a central teaching of some of the wisest men and women throughout history. But contrary to what many New Agers think, the "you" who is doing the reality creation is most certainly not the ego. If it was, such a belief would be a recipe for narcissism and hubris, and most of us would be living in huge mansions, driving fast sports cars, never becoming physically ill … and living completely vacuous, stale and egocentric lives. (The ego is notoriously bad at wanting what is best in the long-term.)

Instead, the "you" that creates the your reality is a much deeper, multidimensional you that most are unconscious of. Some call it the unconscious, and it is that deeper part of our minds which manufactures reality from our belief systems and energetic blueprint. And as we go through to deeper layers of this energetic structure, the boundary between self and others starts to blur so that, at the deepest levels, those energetic structures are shared by humanity, and deeper still, by all beings (labelled living and non-living) in the universe.

SystemBusters explores how to change manufactured reality by modifying these belief systems, expectations and energetic structures. This has been done successfully by thousands of people throughout history, some of whom changed the world (although most prefer to keep a low profile and not to interfere in the process of collective free will). Now we need to encourage this level of reality-creation on a grander scale, so that the collective destiny of humanity can be steered towards a viable and positive future, rather than allowed to drift on towards disaster in the ideological straight-jacket of conceptual self.

Whilst we all create our own realities, we also contribute to the collective reality. But the process is not democratic, and we do not contribute evenly: shared reality creation is only democratic in so far as we all have the same potential to make a difference. In actuality, this "shared reality" is being largely manufactured by a small group of individuals with the necessary focus and intention, whilst the rest of the human population is energetically castrated by their own vacillating focus, short attention-spans and by the propaganda systems that sow fear, confusion, disinformation and illusions of powerlessness. Our soporific mass-media system that defines the world for most people has dumbed us down to our most basic animal instincts — fear, lust and greed — manipulating and honing a national bovine character that is oblivious to slavery masquerading as democracy.

As we individually and collectively evolve in consciousness, systems from the past that once served our consciousness become dated and outmoded, and need to be replaced with systems offering greater freedoms and challenges. In human evolution, this process tends to happen discontinuously in jumps, with large periods of stability punctuated by massive system upgrades which we call revolutions or paradigm shifts. We are currently living during one of these complete system upgrades. However, paradoxically, during system upgrades the drumbeat of the old paradigms beats loader and more desperately as it futilely clings to an outdated reality and system of control that is slipping through its fingers.

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