Reality Maps

System Busters

Break free from limiting systems: a guide for system busters.


System busting is the only worthwhile activity in life: for if we are not focused on breaking through to freedom, we are merely slaves to the conceptual self. And slaves do not know real happiness, although most try to convince themselves that they are happy and that what they are spending their time doing is important. But we can only find true happiness when we drop the pretense of being a somebody; when we bust the systems that maintain the personal illusion.

For us to be able to system bust successfully, we need the following nine requirements:

  1. The intention to break free. Without the inner fire of intention, we will not persevere with our investigations and practices. And without those, we will never even realize that we are locked in a conceptual cage. This inner fire comes as a gift of grace, it is not a decision. You either have it or you do not. If you fake having it then this only supports more ego.
  2. An understanding and acceptance that consciousness underlies every aspect of our "objective" and "subjective" reality, and as such, "I am" awareness is at the foundation of every experience and every "thing". This makes understanding consciousness and who/what it actually is of prime interest.
  3. A withdrawal of personal identification with our bodies and our minds. This will in turn take identification out of all other aspects of our lives, including our relationships, our professions, our society and our nationality. All identification has to go, and this starts with the body and the mind.
  4. Persistent application of methods to break free from limiting systems. This must be based on genuine curiosity to see the fundamentals of consciousness itself. Anything other than curiosity will sabotage the process and insert a spiritual ego.
  5. Isolation from outdated and limiting space-time propaganda — which is streamed out by both mainstream AND ALTERNATIVE media, conventional schooling/educational methods, newspapers and magazines and books, as well as from other people immersed in limiting and illusory belief systems. We need space to reset our perception.
  6. Immersion in expansive and freeing propaganda — selected books, magazines and friends. This provides us with support for the transformations that need to take place inside.
  7. Let go and let be. Stop trying to change the world and other people before you change yourself. Change always has to begin at the core of our awareness. Once we change then we become natural instruments of change — right action flows!
  8. Resist the desire to rush of and teach new understanding and realizations. Settle with it for a while and really see if our desire to teach is not actually just a subtle form of ego renovation. Only teach if it flows naturally.
  9. Keep smiling as the game unfolds and realize that getting ourselves completely out of the picture is the most proactive thing that any human can do for this beautiful planet.

If any of these requirements are missing, system busting becomes significantly less successful.

What also must be taken into account is that when we destroy or transmute old systems into newer and more expansive ones, the means by which we archive this must reflect our higest ideals. The old adage of "the end justifies the means" is entirely counter-productive: if we destroy old systems with cruelty, then the new system we erect in its place will be tainted by that energy. Anger that has not been warped by repression is okay … anger can be the fire that propels us forward to making changes; but cruelty and wanton destruction towards others, even those we consider evil, will backfire and only hinders the system busting process. The means we use for change must always be worthy of the ends we want to achieve.

One final and very important point must be made: Almost all media, INCLUDING ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, is pumping out body-focused, 3d space-time propaganda. Even leading proponents of the illusion of space-time are mostly consolidating these outdated realitymaps because they spread so much of what is disparagingly labeled "conspiracy theory", which although maybe truer on a superficial level than the garbage pumped out by the mainstream media, is also ultimately a lie because it is predicated on the belief in space-time, in the vulnerability of our bodies, and in a objective or pseudo-objective worldview. If you want to wake up, STOP trying to finding new space-time truths and give up outdated paradigms altogether. That is certainly the most radical thing you can do and will paradoxically make you the ultimate activist.

May reality always challenge your truths,