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Here are some of my favourite links:

Adyashanti - One of the best spiritual teachers out there because he describes it as it is, does not play the guru role, and derides dogma.

Cutting Through The Matrix - Alan Watt's excellent site on how to remove yourself from the programmed system.

Dark Journalist - Always love the interviews hosted by the Dark Journalist.

Diamond Light World - Julie Umpleby's mission is to build an energetic or grid connection between Earth and the stars.

Do As One - A great site for collective energy resonance. This sort of stuff on a mass scale could and will change the world.

Earth Wind Map - Stunning global interactive map showing the direct and strength of winds in real time. - Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe's excellent site on Earth and astronomical mysteries including ET visitation.

ECETI - James Gilliland's website for enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Ecosia - A search engine that saves around 2 square meters of rainforest for free with every single web search! You would be mad to use anything else.

Entangled Minds - There are very few research scientists out there who are as interesting and genuinely open-minded as Dean Radin. This is his blog.

Flowing Wakefulness - Igor Kufayev is a spiritual teacher who is able to blend Hindu mythology, tantic/energetic teachings and advaita unity. A profound teacher!

Freedomain Radio - I don't agree with everything Stefan Molyneux believes, but it would be an honour to have a discussion with such an intelligent, articulate and rational man.

Gangaji - There is such a sweetness and fierce clarity about Gangaji that cuts straight through to the core, making her one of the best Advaita teachers around.

Global Coherence Initiative - science-based initiative uniting millions of people in heart-focused care and intention, to shift global consciousness.

Institute of HeartMath - This organisations has been investigating heart intelligence and stress managment for 20 years.

Institute of Noetic Sciences - Founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, this organisation supports leading-edge research into consciousness.

Jonathan Evatt Online - Yogi, mystic, shaman, healer, writer and teacher, Evatt is helping to guide humanity during these transitional times.

Lawful Rebellion - The best way to rebel is to know your rights as a free man or woman, and know the law better than the politicians & police who abuse it.

Lionel Media - Michael Lebron (Lionel) is one of the few intelligent and entertainingly eloquent commentators in the alt media. And he is a vegan too!

Natural News - Independent news on natural health, nutrition and more. Unlike the Mercola site, this site is not always trying to sell you something.

Non-Duality Magazine - Has many interviews with teachers, students, writers, philosophers, pandits and gurus on the big spiritual questions. This site is well worth a visit, if not to see variety of opinions!

Project Camelot Portal - Great centralised portal for alternative interviews and investigations covering topics such as ETs and the New World Order.

Requisite Variety - The Newlyn Research Group scientists show the shortcomings of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) used in conventional medicine.

Revelations of Dr. Richard Day, The - Day was a professor of paediatrics who in 1969 had astonishing prescience on humanity's direction.

Robert Adams - Adams was one of the clearest and non-compromising modern advaita teachers. He was a beautiful and clear-hearted man.

Sacred Economics - Charles Eisenstein's is a teacher who has is writting about the new "gift economy". Also read his excellent book Sacred Economics.

Sat Yoga Institute - This institute in Costa Rica was the inspired by Shunyamurti, a wonderful teacher in the true tradition of Ramana Maharshi (without neo-Advaitic spiritual bypassing).

Sign of the Times - News and commentary on world events. This site has some fascinating articles on it.

Sir Ken Robinson - A great educator, Robinson promotes more diversity and creativity in education which are needed for future generations.

Spirit of Ma'at - Drunvalo has been an inspirational New Age teacher for a long time now. This is his online community webzine.

Ted Conferences - TED host some of the best lectures on the internet, giving voice to a wide range of inspirational speakers. - One of the largest and most comprehensive websites on all things vegetarian. Has some very good articles.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - It is time to permanently delete those social networking accounts that waste so much of our lives in mindless chatter.