Genetics, Identity Politics, Totalitarianism and Transcendence
01 Nov 2019

The modern fixation on identity politics and denying the reality of genetic variation will ultimately destroy democracy and enslave us in totalitarianism. If we are to avoid an Orwellian dystopian future, we must respect reality, stop playing fantasy political games and find transcendence to take us out of our current quagmire. … more →

Throwing Children to the Wolves: How Hate Campaigns Against Children are now in Vogue
27 Jan 2019

A recent confrontation between Covington Catholics High School boys and American Indians raises important issues about prejudice, racism, political correctness and child abuse. The reaction to this confrontation shows the ruthlessness of political expediency. … more →

Artificial Intelligence, Implicit Reality Maps, the Carbon-Silicon Equivalency and Models of Consciousness
21 Jan 2019

The Creepy Line is an excellent documentary which castigates Google and Facebook for appropriating personal data and using their platforms to manipulate the public for profit and political purposes. The following is not a review but rather an exploration of some of these issues. … more →