Asking Whether We Are Living in a Computer Simulation is the Wrong Question
12 May 2018

The computer simulation model of reality is being peddled by many of those in Silicon Valley, not so much as a scientific curiosity, but as a justification for AI technologies. … more →

Race, IQ, Equalism and Aliens
14 Apr 2018

Accepting racial differences is the only way to stop society fragmenting under the continuous burden of hatred and accusation. As long as we promote the fantasy of equalism, we are living on borrowed time. … more →

How to be an Open-Minded Sceptic (and why it's important)
04 Apr 2018

Learning open-minded scepticism is vital for stopping the fragmentation of society caused by the confusiong of ideologies (maps of reality) with reality itself. Otherwise we will be forever at war with those we disagree with. … more →