Angry Activists; Selective Empathy; Conditional Compassion
23 Jul 2017

Anger, hatred and vilification have become the hallmarks of activism today, despite these qualities scuppering the very change the activists are seeking. Real change requires an emphasis on compassion and empathy. … more →

Terrorism, The Political Pendulum and Globalism
25 Jun 2017

A politically incorrect examination of Islamic terrorist attacks, the importance of political oscillations between the Left and the Right, the naivety of much of our political activism, our addiction to desire-fulfilment, and the erosion of values and morals. … more →

Breaking Free from Big Brother - Putting Consciousness Back into The Heart of Reality
18 Feb 2017

Big Brother is intimidating, but only if you are caught in an objective world where consciousness is merely an addon or illusion. Put consciousness back into the heart of reality and an external controller is no longer a problem. … more →