The Children Who Lead Us To The Edge Of The Abyss - The Dangers of Knowledge Untempered by Wisdom
04 Sep 2016

Most scientists so focused on their research and getting the funding they will need that they downplay or hide any negative consequences of their work. This is why scientists need to be supervised by those with a wider vision that can speak for humanity. … more →

Reality-Mapping vs Belief-Mapping — Navigating Reality Full-Body
30 Aug 2016

Our belief-maps are conceptual snapshots of our full-body reality-maps and are the cause of much of the chaos and antagonism in the world today. If we want a viable future, we need to learn to move away from belief-mapping and back into reality-mapping. … more →

Should We Be Tolerant of Intolerance? - Can Relativism Coexist with Fundamentalism?
01 Aug 2016

If we value multiculturalism then we must not be afraid of being fiercely intolerant towards intolerance. Otherwise we will inadvertently end up destroying the very tolerance and freedoms that are the bedrock of modern multicultural societies. … more →

A Review of The Medical Medium - Anthony William
17 May 2016

Anthony William is a medical medium claiming to bring through ground-breaking medical information and healing protocols that will cure most chronic and mystery diseases outright. A closer look, however, reveals that it is mostly exaggeration and marketing hype. … more →

Become a Deep Activist
07 May 2016

Unless we embrace deep activism, we will never bring about positive global change. This is because activists who do not first remove their own pathologies unconsciously recreate societal pathologies. Without deep activism we only maintain the status quo. … more →