A Response to Gary Yourofsky's Essays on Violence, Pacifism and Rape
14 May 2015

Gary Yourofsky is a militant animal rights activist who believes violence should play a role in any struggle for animal liberation. He dismisses pacifism, and hopes bad humans are raped, tortured and executed. He also gives the most persuasive lectures on veganism. … more →

Prejudice against Reptilians parallels Prejudice against Jews
20 Apr 2015

Videos are springing up on Youtube purportedly showing public figures and other human-looking individuals shape-shifting into Reptilians. Sadly, this "evidence" is more a case of deep human prejudice that worryingly parallels that directed towards the Jews. … more →

Moving Beyond Emptiness to Higher-Dimensional Perspectives
16 Apr 2015

No-Self is actually an artifact from trying to map polydimensional identity in a normal space-time framework. As long as we are dimensional ignorant, we will only be distorting reality when we try to resolve ontological paradoxes using inappropriate modelling. … more →

Blanket Surveillance to Monitor Mass Metamorphosis
12 Apr 2015

Humanity is changing, metamorphosing into something other, something polydimensional. And this is the real reason for the mass surveillance that we are all under, for in expanding definitions of self we free ourselves from societal enslavement. … more →