Is Advaita Just Loving Nihilism? - Nonduality, Science and Meaninglessness
23 Jun 2014

Nonduality can all too easily be reduced to nihilistic philosophy when we try to disown the mind and ego in our efforts to reach awakening. These are integral parts of ourselves, and if we want authentic awakening, we need to lovingly accept and integrate them. … more →

Getting Away with Murder: How the justice paradigm destroys the world
26 Apr 2014

Fighting for justice can seem to be the right thing to do, when in fact it keeps us locked into polarity — us vs them. If we truly want to heal the world and ourselves, we need to let go of our addiction to the justice paradigm. … more →

All Memory Is False Memory: Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of reality
05 Feb 2014

Only by deconstructing the reality that we think we live in can we free ourselves from the claustrophobic oppression of identity. Here we look at some of the assumptions of reality and some of the methods used to break it open to reveal oneness. … more →

Finding Happiness
18 Jan 2014

We have to turn our backs on happiness if we are to find it. This is because much of what we define as happiness is just ego-validation, and egos are the source of our discontentment. As long as we pursue happiness, we will never find it. … more →

Mind the Gap: Stepping out of Time
05 Jan 2014

We think we want to be a somebody, but the deeper drive is actually to be a nobody. That is why drug and alcohol addiction is so prevalent — we find the conceptual self too suffocating. The solution is to step out of time, and this is how it is done. … more →