From Reality-maps to Rude Awakening
23 Dec 2013

Most of us believe that once we spiritually awaken, the mind stops and we find ourselves infinitely wise, compassionate and peaceful. The truth is a moron that wakes up is still likely a moron, and it is this realization that can actually set us free. … more →

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear: The Fallacy of Government Responsibility
01 Aug 2013

One of the greatest fallacies that humans continue to fall for is that privacy can be given up for safety. But because safety is actually based on privacy, our efforts to be safe at the cost of privacy is entirely counterproductive. We sacrifice privacy at our peril. … more →

Scientific Reductionism, Spiritual Nondualism and Redefining the Self
27 Feb 2013

What do science and Advaita have in common? They are both spacetime-based philosophical systems that use reductionism as the litmus test for existence. As a consequence of this outlook, both deny the reality of nonlocal phenonenon such as our thinking minds. … more →

The Cosmic Computer, Simulated Realities, the Zero-Point Field, and Touching What is Real
17 Feb 2013

Is the universe a giant cosmic computer? Are we living in a computer simulation? Can consciousness be simulated? If reality is an illusion, how do we wake up to what is real? This is an open-minded exploration of some of these issues. … more →

The Meaning of Random: Random Number Generators and Tarot cards
29 Jan 2013

The implications of Princeton's research which confirms that consciousness can directly affect Random Number Generators (RNGs) goes far beyond mind-over-matter considerations, overturning basic assumptions about causality and also questioning probability. … more →

Calling Things By Their Proper Name
03 Jan 2013

We live in an age of doublespeak and euphemisms, where we have corrupted language to hide the evils of society. Our future lies in honesty, in calling things by their proper name. For only when we call a spade a spade can we face the shadow that is destroying us. … more →